August 31, 2011

Joel Plaskett ~ A Million Dollars

Ode to more great Canadians...

This is a beautiful anthem. I love it, like I love many things about this day.

August 30, 2011

Madonna ~ Hung Up

Oh, dang! This song takes me back to Vancouver...circa 2006...


August 29, 2011

Jay Z ~ "On To The Next One" (viewer discretion advised)

As I hinted at in my other blog the other night, life grows new opportunities where problems used to exist!

This song embodies that...and is my mantra for this, my last week of working for a large corporation. Now that's something to celebrate! =-D

August 26, 2011

Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (2010 Version)

This song embodies my appreciation for art, let alone music...

How was it that I only discovered Florence and the Machine this summer? A Miss Ashley Bailer is how! I love knowing fellow music aficionados.

For so many reasons, this song is appropriate for today. I do prefer to put happy-go-lucky songs on to a Friday, but that's why there are so many elements to a song. The lyrics are melancholic and a reminder of how precious life is. The rest is alive in celebration of what has happened, whether it is the passing of a loved one (or, in the case of this week, a strong political leader), or the ending of the summer. We should not mourn the moments that were, but celebrate the fact that they happened!

Happy Friday!

August 25, 2011

Lost Things - a stop-motion film featuring music by A Fine Frenzy

I apologize for my lengthy delay....

I've had some troubles this summer, but they're fading with the Dog Days (a post that's soon to come)

Shared by a friend on the good ol' Facebook, this is a great metaphor for my return to the blogosphere.

Also, it's an amazing piece of art. Share it with all that you know!