November 30, 2010

Day 75: "Fake Palindromes"- Andrew Bird

I know the best things of my life have been unplanned but today was not among those. Don't get me wrong, it was good, just not the best. Stumblin' upon this musician was better than today...

When I first saw Jeremy Fisher, he explained how the live recording worked, and the fact that he had picked it up from Danny Michel. When I last saw one of my friends from uni, she showed me this dude on TED Talks. He illustrated the live recording with approximatey fifteen different instruments - lovely! - but long. This is a shorter, but still sweet song of his. Enjoy!

November 29, 2010

Library Voices - Drinking Games

I love songs that gradually build on themselves, and this one is a great example of that beauty!

I first heard Library Voices - really HEARD them (on the radio) - last winter. I remember the moment exactly, which says a lot for the band. It wasn't until a month later, sorting through a bunch of music I had received from my music friend that I realized that I had actually had them on my computer for ten months already! I had no idea they were from Regina, though!

I'll admit it, too, that I appreciate music more based on where the band is from. Don't get me wrong, I think Library Voices is great even if they weren't from my home province, but because they're from Saskatchewan, I will discuss them more than if they were from Nevada, or some place else I've never lived and probably never will ;-)

I'm loyal. More to a place than even myself.

Another artist from Regina died last night, at the age of 84. (You'll be missed, Mr. Leslie Neilson, and surely, never forgotten.) It's only fitting, then, to welcome in a new generation from the squarest province of the best country to live. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

November 28, 2010

Martha Wainwright & Jason Bajada - See Emily Play

Martha Wainwright scares me sometimes. Not because she is threatening, but because she can capture melancholy so well. This song, though...not too melancholic... What a great first line!

November 26, 2010

Jill Barber Oh My My

Another Jill Barber song to the rescue!

This one is more reminiscent of the swinging sixties...and slavery-fighting field chants (Oh My My). There is a proper word for that...I jut can't think of right now. Please comment! I love the urgency with which her heart seeks freedom. It's a good video too...

November 25, 2010

Day 70: Kate Nash - Merry Happy

Bundled up under three layers, the beat begins to move me. The sound comes from the small white knobs tucked into my outer ear, covered by earmuffs, a toque, and a scarf. The movement begins in my fingers. I don't control them, the beat does. It continues to move up my arms, into my shoulders and before I know it, my hips are swaying and my feet hit the packed snow in time to the beat - the explosions of sound - hitting my ears.

This is why I love music!

November 24, 2010

Jeremy Fisher - Fall For Anything

Last week, I met this girl through an indie radio station who referred to Jeremy Fisher as 'this guy, Jeremy Fisher.' At first, I was shocked. Did she really not know Jeremy Fisher? Everybody I had talked to about folk music had already known about him. In the end, she didn't like him, and I believe that was why she referred to him as 'this guy' rather than by his name. That made me sad, but, it's ok. Everybody gets to have their own favourite music. Jeremy Fisher is one of my many favourite artists.

This song was number two on Day 3, and the only one on Day 15. Now, on Day 69, I share the video on my blog. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy sharing him with you.

Day 69: Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man

I'm just beginning my acquaintance(sp?) with Mumford and Sons. So far, I'm enjoying them...and they're gaining in popularity. Does this make me a hipster? No...a hipster would stop liking them once they started to gain more popularity...

Alas, there is some profanity in this song. Don't worry, it is meritted. And I generally avoid profanities. Sometimes, though, your emotions (including regret) necessitate stronger words.

Born to Hum by Erin McKeown

Five years ago, I was working at Chapters on Broadway and Granville. Oh...good ol' 789... One of the perks - aside from meeting so many awesome people and expanding my edumusicaton - was that I took home a few comp cds. One of those cds featured Erin McKeown. I fell in love! I logged into iTunes, bought her latest cd...and then lost those songs on a computer somewhere.

Towards the middle of June 2010, I began to think of this song. I hadn't heard it in years. And hadn't thought of her since I first heard Hannah Georgas. I asked my music friends if they knew her...none of them did! You know, that song, and I would hum a bit of it for them...even sing the opening line. Still, nobody knew who I was talking about. (Hannah didn't even know who this fine lady was. This shocked me, 'cause at the time I was still pretty sure Erin was from the Vancouver scene. She couldn't have disappeared from the scene in less than five years!?!)

Well, thank god for the internet! I discovered that Erin McKeown was not in fact Canadian (although, I would give her an honorary maple leaf if given the opportunity to meet her), but she's still pretty rad.

Tonight, I heard her from the source of our acquaintance: Chapters. No, not good ol' 789, but the one on Whyte. It just came on, just like that, and I had to smile inside. So, here's a favourite song of mine that I didn't chose to hear today, but did.

Check out her website:

Ah, and yes, I apologise for the live version...although, this one is not terribly bad. The video on YouTube with the recorded version was not applicable to my interpretation of the song....tisk, tisk, tisk....

November 22, 2010

Day 67: Taylor Swift ~ The Best Day

Another country tune...apparently I'm feeling country today!

This is a sweet song that randomly came on to my iPod a few weeks ago. Tonight, it randomly came on again. There are many love songs in this world, but this is a love song for parents. So sweet...

The Video From Day 21: Johnny Reid - Today I'm Gonna Try To Change The World

Although today is Day 67, the video from day 21 was never included on the blog, so I’ve decided to do so. As a friend of mine told me as she handed over yet another ‘self improvement’ book, “sometimes you just need to be reminded of the same thing over and over again.”
She is correct. I’m having an excellent last half to November, but I won’t deny that it’s often tough to go out on a limb and try something a little bit different. This same friend’s word of advice came to me on my most difficult day last week, though, and they really helped. Last month, she listened to my fears of quitting my day job and letting myself be guided more by the universe, and offered me up these pearls of wisdom: “talent is not always the difference between those artists who make it and the ones who don’t.” She’s so smart!
I was thinking about that today, as I replayed words I’ve heard from loved ones. “I just don’t want you to always take the difficult path.” Luckily, I never took that advice...
Yes, taking the path less travelled is more difficult than the more predictable one, but challenges are much more rewarding than an hourly wage...or salary and benefits. It’s tough now, but I now it will be worth it. And not even tomorrow, or next month. It’s gonna be tough for the next several years... but it will always be worth it...
As I begin to fret about the difficulties, I am also reminded of some of the rewards. For example:
I’ve been a vegetarian for seven years, now, and baked vegan for all seven years. This has often required alterations to many of our family’s favourite recipes. At first, my family, retired farmers, took it as a personal hit against our heritage that I would give up eating animals. Slowly, we have come to an understanding about this path that I have chosen to take, and shown enormous growth on both sides of the issue. This summer, my oldest sister (who had taken up cake decorating in the last couple of years) began looking up recipes for vegan cakes on the internet. It’s a small step, yes, but it means a lot to me. It means I may, in fact, one day change the world...

November 21, 2010

Hey Ocean ~ My Friends

Generally, I will continue to avoid posting live videos if I can find a recorded version of the song I want to share. This video is pretty awesome, though, so I am sharing it! Sound quality is amazing!

My Year In Lists - Day 65 (Nov. 20, 2010)

It's been nearly two years since I heard my first Los Campesinos! song, yet I feel I do not know them well enough. For example, I just discovered they are from Cardiff, which just so happens to be one of my favourite European cities (and quite possibly my top favourite city in the UK). Other than that, I know they're punk and a punk I love (ie. less screaming lyrics, more words flying past the ears, and a message you have to at least smile at, even if you don't quite understand it).

If your interest has been peaked, check out:

November 20, 2010

Local Western Canadian

Twelve hours late, but still posted for - Friday, November 19: Day 64

This is the first song from Ben Sures that I ever heard. Since then, he has randomaly entered my life, and is frequently featured on my iPod. To make things even more coincidental, I was just reading about a new trend for folk artists to do house concerts. That sounds like a cozy atmosphere for listening to any music that "makes people feel." Reading about Ben's upcoming shows, it turns out that he does house concerts himself! It was meant to be...

If that wasn't enough, it turns out that he, too, is from "Western Canada," rather than just one small town in one of our lovely provinces. Born in Regina (a fellow SK man!), he has moved throughout the prairies, calling the Peg home for many years, but even spent parts of his youth in Greece. The son of two artists, his career as a travelling musician makes a lot of sense. His songs are always entertaining - like this one that always makes me laugh - and would make me think of Canada even if I didn't know he was from my motherland.

To top it all off, I couldn't believe the truth within Ben's reflections on writing: "Sometimes I get letters from people saying if they didn't know better they could swear some of my songs were about their life and I like that. I like to make people feel. I wonder if any one actually writes songs or if we just pull them out of the air and then if they like us they stick around and get to be ours. When I go I hope somebody lets out a big old sigh of relief and says he sang what I needed to hear."

For more on Ben, check out his website:

November 18, 2010

The 63rd Day

I've been trying to focus on more unknowns this week, but this song came on my iPod and I had to have it for today.

It's amazing how far your emotional world can change in two weeks, let alone two months. Both of those time periods have significance today.

Rachael Yamagata has such a gentle voice, yet there is so much strength carried in the lyrics of this song. It's been one of my favourites for years, having carried me through Vancouver, England, back to the prairies, and it was probably even helpful in Meadow, if it is that old. I can't remember when I first heard her, I just know that she is like a long lost friend popping in for coffee and scones whenever I hear her song. Brilliant!

Sounds From Day 33

I feel bad for not having shared the sounds from the First Fifty Days. It was merely a list of what I had previously shared. So, this is not a music video, but the music is there.

If you like her, as I have for years, check out her website:

Tanya Davis ~ How To Be Alone

Tanya Davis' third album was released last week, and - as it happens with indie Canadian artists who rock - her single was featured on CJSR's Top 30 List this morning.  She is my artistic discovery for the day...and what a fabulous find!
This "song" borderlines on song.  There is music, but it is merely the background.  The song is spoken word, which often makes the best song anyways.  For those who love lyrics, I'm sure you'll love this poet.
If I could draw this song, it would be a sun dollar...luckily for us all, a fellow artist created this video to go along with the song.  Together, they have created a much better image than a sun dollar.  This is why collaboration is important.  But she's is also important to know how to be alone...

November 16, 2010

Jill Barber Chances

I first heard Jill Barber - live - at FolkFest 2009, but it could have been 1949. She has an old-time feel...and an amazing crooning voice. If Betty Boop were a sugary sweet blonde who sang for a room filled with people in love, she might be comparable to Ms. Jill Barber. But, no, wait... Jill Barber is true-blue Canadian...Betty Boop could never compare!

Oh, and did I mention that she has amazing fashion sense! Canadian designers ...

If you like Jill, check out her website:

November 15, 2010

Day 60 - Oh, To Never Grow Up...

Devendra Banhart - Feel just like a child

I saw my friend Ana Saturday night and we had such a great catch-up visit. My knowledge of this song is a product of that catch-up. Ana has such great taste in music!

I hope you enjoy as well!

November 14, 2010

Darren Hanlon - I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You

So sweet! The video really sold me, but not on the song - the artist. At the end there is this conversation between the old man and the young man. I love what the old man says at that point - never give up hope! :-D

Another five-year-old song!

I MUST know more about this artist. :-D

He's from Australia and has been a solo artist for over ten years now....

For more, check out his official website:

My favourite quote comes at the end of his bio:

"I find buying note books more inspiring than writing in them. They're just so perfect and pure, like a blank canvas or unflavoured tofu. I don't want to ruin it by writing in them."

November 13, 2010

Sixteen Military Wives - The Decemberists

And now, for the twenty-first version of free-love-anti-war...let's attack the largest power around - U.S.A. ... and the "War on Terror"!

This is a GREAT video. Truly worth the time to watch...and perhaps I should keep my politics out of this, but... My real strength lies in the fact that I can see both sides, and hopefully I can stay quiet enough for the Right to trust I can slowly lead them to the Left...give me a few more years in AB. :-D

I am falling in love with this little band! great!

The first song of theirs I heard was Crane Wife, right before they really began to make waves for us non-music-snob individuals (oh wait, isn't that what people call "hipsters" now?). That was back in 2007. This video comes from their album "Kill Rock Stars," the last album produced before "The Crane Wife." As the band is from Portland, it really is no surprise that I have slowly fallen in love with them...

November 12, 2010

Give Peace A Chance - A Continuation From Yesterday

Oh, John Lennon, my hippie inspiration!

Following my post yesterday, I feel so peaceful.

If I was to be born in any other time, it would have been in the 60s and 70s. I've felt that way since I was a young teenager. As much of a redneck as I am, I'm also a hippy. This drives my family crazy somedays, but they've come to understand that this is who I am. Now that we've come to terms with that, there is peace between us. So, for all you hippies out there...and all you rednecks...there you go - Give Peace a Chance!

November 11, 2010

Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - John Lennon

Yes, I know, it's not even December - WHAT AM I DOING PLAYING CHRISTMAS MUSIC?!?

Today is Remembrance Day. I woke up, checked Facebook, and was overwhelmed with the dialogue being shared over whether or not we should appreciate what past soldiers have given for our freedom. This is an interesting topic for me as i have participated in both sides of that debate over the years.

Of course, as a child, I followed the rules and willingly participated in the lead-up to the Remembrance Day celebration. Often this included the Legion competitions of art, essays and poetry. There was a time in my life when I looked back at this time and thought, "well, the only reason I did that was because it was the only artistic competition in our small town." And, of course, one would argue that the competition was a way of 'brainwashing' the children to believe war was the only answer. Often, however, the best poems were ones of gratitude rather than glory.

My adolescense saw me rejecting a lot of things just because they were the "right" things to do. Me - a rebel? Hardly. But I began to question my world and not support the things I always had been. I was less of a "goody-two-shoes" than I let on to be. (No, no, I was still a "goody-two-shoes," hoping people would appreciate that about me.)

I remember coming back from university halfway through my time in Vancouver for the Remembrance Day holiday. As a family, we decided to meet up in Edmonton. As with many meet-ups of the family at that time, it was not long before my sister and I began fighting. One of those fights was the fact that I refused to wear a poppy. "You better not a let a veteran see you without one!" was her basic argument. I had chosen not to wear a poppy because I was "anti-war" and thought that poppies were a symbol of war glorification. (Oh, the land of the lotus eaters...) For her, wearing a poppy was a sign of respect for the people who had fought for our peace. She found herself lucky to live in a world where she wasn't faced with the atrocities of war everyday, and this was the one time of year where she could give serious thought to her luck of being born here rather than somewhere else.

I scoffed at the idea. I didn't reject it, I just thought there were better ways of appreciating our freedom than glorifying the battles previously fought for us. And, after living in Edmonton area for four months, I assumed she felt that way merely because of all the army boys in town.

I met only one soldier before living in Edmonton. I was thirteen or fourteen and he was a friend of my best friend's parents. I was hanging out at her house when he came by for a visit. I remember him talking about his role as a peacekeeper. He did not seem very proud of the work he did. With our young, impressionable minds, he shared his worst fears and the biggest problem he saw with the role of peacekeepers. As a peacekeeper, he was never allowed to shoot at somebody unless shot at. So, he explained, the enemy could kidnap them, lead them to a shooting range and they would never be able to shoot back until it was too late. At thirteen, I believed him completely. And, so how could I support a system that allowed such honourable men to be taken prisoner, lined up and shot dead?

I didn't think about the civilian lives that these peacekeepers had saved with their presence. I didn't think about the role model they were to people who had known only violence in their lives. I didn't think about the reputation they provided for my country on a worldwide level...until I left the country on my own.

At 22, I found myself drifting through Europe. I had no goals, no direction in my life. I was just willing to have life provide a destination for myself. On that journey, I picked up many lessons that have come in handy since, and probably even more that will be useful in the future. Today, I am reminded of the lesson I learned in Berlin.

For children of the late 20th century, Berlin represents the cold war, WWII, and a lot of pain we don't like to think about on a daily basis. I find it only fitting that this place revealed to me a deeper understanding of what it means to be from a "peacekeeping" country. I stayed in a popular hostel with a full kitchen and people from all over the world. There was a group of people there from Afghanistan, attending a conference on peace in the middle east. I was thoroughly enjoying the cooking space of the kitchen when one of the students from Afghanistan asked where I was from. When he heard Canada, his face lit up.

"Really?!?" he couldn't believe it. "Thank you so much," he said.

I was dumbstruck. Yeah, Canada is a great place, but I had no choice in where I was from.

Seeing my confused look, he explained his gratitude. Having grown up in Afghanistan, his life has been filled with war and uncertainty about the future. Hundreds upon thousands of soldiers have come and gone through his country, all fighting on one side or another. Canadians, though, were only fighting for one thing - peace. They protected the civilians. They provided aid to the injured. They gave meaning to this young man's life, so that he could grow up, travel abroad and campaign to end the war in his home country.

Needless to say, I was touched. This was the other side of the peacekeeping mission that I would rarely get to see. Earlier that year, I had finally read The Kite Runner and it had spoken to me in a way that it wouldn't have had I read it earlier. I had travelled to Morocco and listened to the lower classes trying to break free from their poverty, and their political silence. My eyes had been awaken to the fact that my life is privileged. I have so much to be thankful for, that I don't even know where to begin.

And, yeah, I might think those soldiers are idiots trying to fight for peace. That is the most ironic concept to wrap your brain around. Is it any wonder that war isn't over and probably never will be? The truth, though, is that those soliders are at least doing something to make a difference in this world. I might talk big about being the change, but these men and women are sacrificing their lives to bring peace to other people. Isn't that a change we should respect?

So, whether it's Christmas or not, here's hoping one day maybe enough people will want war to be over and it will stop. Thanks, John Lennon, for another peaceful tune!

November 10, 2010

That'll Be The Day by Chloe Albert

That'll Be The Day by Chloe Albert

It happens sometimes that I have the perfect idea for which song to chose for the day I have had, or I am currently having. Today it was Sunny Day Song by Chloe Albert. It's a bright, cheery tune with a tad of bluegrass longing in it. I love it! Then, after I realize that the song is perfect for my day, I am unable to find it in a form that I know how to repost. Don't worry, I will learn how to share tunes from my personal collection rather than the interweb so that you don't miss out on other great tunes. Well, actually, you don't have to miss out on that tune. All you have to do is go to Chloe's MySpace page, follow the link to iTunes and buy her cd. That would be a great idea!

To continue to sell you on this notion, I've provided one of Chloe's other fabulous songs from the same album. She's amazing - strong voice, a little bit folk, a little bit bluegrass, and a whole lot of prairie love (she's Albertan Grown :-D).

I'm gonna keep this short 'cause Joni Mitchell's Chelsea Morning just came on the radio. I love that tune!

Just another folksinger from the Prairies :-D

November 9, 2010

Noah And The Whale - Blue Skies

Original Facebook Message:

It's not that difficult to make me smile...many artists have succeeded at that, myself included. It is difficult to make me smile - and cry - with the same song. Is it any surprise that this band succeeded?

They're English; their music video features a bicycle!; the first music video of theirs that I fell in love wit...h featured yellow predominantly; they sing about love; and did I mention that they're English - nice thing to be if you're not Canadian ;-)

I'm so happy to be sharing the videos now! :-D

I first heard "Five Years Time" by Noah and the Whale. If you like this song - or you like upbeat songs (as this is not an upbeat song) - you should check it out as well. It is filled with hope and admiration for not knowing what the future holds. I stumbled across it in my iPod when I needed it most...

Last week I ended a relationship that could be characterized by this song. I've felt like this song for almost a month now. One of my friends was shocked at how well I was taking everything when I last talked to her. To be fair, I was handling it much better at the time of our conversation than I had handled it the entire time I was contemplating the end of the relationship.

Last night my anger over the relationship faded away. My anger had kept me content with the thought of everything being over throughout most of the weekend! This morning I woke up with sparks of the feelings of this song ripping through my body and my mind. Luckily, I had a massage scheduled for the end of the morning. It helped me release a lot of emotion. Somehow, though, I was still called to Noah and The Whale today. It's part of the healing process, I know, and maybe I should have chosen Five Years Time, but that would not be an accurate depiction of who I am today. :-D

I've also been dealing with a lot of death this year. That's another reason for this video. I love the urn in it. I've recently come to realize that death is nothing to be afraid of, whether for us or for our loved ones. It is a splendid moment when we get to reunite with whatever it is that's out there that is bigger than us. This song hints towards those feelings as well.

Sorry to be so into my feelings today. It was a good day - filled with feelings! :-D

Single Ladies - The Pigs with John Williamson on Jaw Harp

Original Facebook Message:

Long live Bluegrass!!! Especially bluegrass covers of pop songs ;-)

I heard this on the radio this morning, and had a perma-grin for the next hour! Just watched the video...i think the perma-grin will last the rest of the night.

For those of my friends who have ever wondered how I can be a feminist and stay tied to my prairie roots....I think this song sums it up. Man, I love music!

I have this memory of high school that comes up whenever I think about how far my music knowledge has come over the years. There I was in this small town in northern Saskatchewan, working at a Dollar Store, which was one of the best places to work there (much better than the grocery store ;-D). Every night, business would slow down around 730 or 8 at night, and so we would stop shelving, or working the till, and start cleaning the store. This was one of my favourite times as I had something productive to do, and the night was almost over. Plus, with all of the customers gone, we could just listen to the radio. And...well, when I knew nobody was watching, I would dance with the mop and bucket. (Trust me, this became more difficult for me to do once I found out that the owners watched the videos from their home sometimes! But, whatever, I was still a good employee...and now I embrace dancing in front of CCTV... ;-D)

One night, early on in my career at the Dollar Store, this ridiculous song came on. Wait, hold on, I should probably explain that there were only three radio stations that we could actually pick up on our stereo: the local AM from North Battleford, the local FM, and NBC from LaRonge. NBC does not stand for National Broadcasting Channel. No, it is Native Broadcasting Channel, which was completely understandable. Regardless, these three stations meant that we listened to a) country b)pop from about two years ago c) local artists who didn't necessarily need to write the government for a grant before being given money from them. (That's all I'll say on the matter for now, although I'll probably rant about grants, capitalism, and what truly makes an artist at another time.)

The latter was not necessarily bad, but, for some reason, whenever somebody is singing terribly, I think of a song that I heard on NBC in high school. I believe it's title was "My Honey Makes Me Cornflakes." One of the lines followed the title with, "yeah ... no 'snap, crackle, pop' for me." It was an interesting song. And I heard it more than once. It was very twangy...but with a 'northern' accent. I have a love-hate relationship with the song, and I wish I could remember the artist's name to see if he's still putting out music. I hope he is. :-D

These boys - The Pigs - are hilarious! The not only remind me of "no 'snap, crackle, pop' for me," they embrace the whole hick thing. I love it! Blue grass artists are fabulous people. How could you come from such roots - singin' 'bout love 'n' family 'n' what reeeaally mattahs - and not be a good person. I love that they can laugh at themselves a little bit. And - in reaction to one of the comments on youtube - you can actually catch all of the lyrics when they sing this song!

And another thing.

While I'm on the subject of my roots, and rural life, I thought I'd share a conversation from this weekend. I met a nice city man. He was born, raised, and sadly ripped from the world of urban life. Near the beginning of our conversation he was upset with the fact that rural people are so proud to have grown up in the country.

Suddenly I was having a conversation with myself five years ago. (For anybody who has those opportunities, embrace them as life lessons. They truly are a marker for how far we are able to change.) I looked at him and confidently defended the people I had been running from for most of my adult life. Of course, I did explain that I was a 'country folk' myself, and I knew that I was meant to live in the city for the rest of my life, but I also stood up for us, poor, pitiful "country bumpkins," who have inferiority complexes. We grew up being told that life doesn't really begin until you hit the big city. That's where culture, art, university, and therefore entertainment, creativity, intelligence exist. And that is just NOT RIGHT.

I was back in Vancouver almost two months ago. While there, I had the opportunity to meet Jian Ghomeshi and hear him talk in person. I loved every minute of it...until he said that Canada was an "urban country." WTF!?! Anybody from the prairies, the North, Ontario/Quebec (north of Ottawa/Montreal), or the Maritimes knows this is BULLOCKS! In fact, I'm pretty sure British Columbians outside of the Lower Mainland think this too. Yes, the majority of our population now lives in a city, but our country has been and always will be built by people who live in the country. And what a beautiful country to live in!!! Sadly, I didn't explain this to Mr. Ghomeshi at the time. I don't think he would understand. He's just a city kid, anyways. ;-)

Maybe there is an inferiority complex that exists between rural and urban. That's ok. I'm the first to admit that I'm the most ignorant farm girl you will ever meet, but I appreciate the knowledge that my peers have because they grow up on the farm or in a farming community. That's why my heart will always be in Saskatchewan. However, I can also adapt to life in the city, much like many other 'country bumpkins.' And, I haven't done the opposite, but I think it's much easier to move this way than the other. We don't laugh at the city slickers because we think we're better than them. We laugh at the city slickers because, in the country, it's better to laugh than anything else. :-D

So, all of this revelation over a bluegrass cover of a pop song. I think it's all relative! :-D

November 8, 2010

Day 52, Don't Worry The Deck Ain't Full Yet!

Alexz Johnson ~ Voodoo

I only recently stumbled upon this Canadian artist. Kind of makes me wonder what rock I was living under. But, alas, there will always be somebody new for me to discover. And that is part of what this year is about. That's what edumusication is for me, in fact.

History of Edumusication:

It first began my second year in Vancouver, probably right before my first summer in Vancouver. My first summer in Vancouver was a tremendous wake-up call for me. :-D I was working in Chapters and had to cover a shift or two in the music section. As I participated more and more in covering shifts in the music section, I slowly learned more and more about the music that I had not had access to in my remote childhood.

This all dawned on me one day when I asked about "Oh Ba Di Oh Ba Da" by the Beatles. My inquiry revealed my ignorance of the Beatles as, well, I'm still not even sure if that is the correct name for the song. A music genius - Hallis - knew immediately that it was from their White album.

"White Album?" I asked.

"Yeah,..." he looked at me. "You've never heard of their White album?"

Suddenly I was giving a presentation about WWII and realized that not only had I forgotten the name of the leader of the Nazi party, I never really knew the name. Oh, and I was naked.

Somehow, as he rambled on and on about the different songs of the fab four, I picked my clothes up off the floor and stood up to him. "Yeah, my parents weren't hippies! And, I grew up listening to pop, country or some garbage about My baby makes me cornflakes. I'll add the Beatles to my edumusication and never ask you that question again."

He took it farily well, assured me he wasn't a music snob and actually provided me with further musical education that summer. He's a good guy....but he is a music snob. :-D Now, so am I!

Alexz Johnson

So, apparently this girl grew up in the lower mainland, was discovered as an actress/singer and has starred in her own television show so far - Instant Star. Sadly, I never watched that show. But, maybe that's a good thing. If I had, I probably would be sick of her by now, recognized her face on the album, and never even considered that it would be good music. Like I said, I'm a bit of a music snob. And I have this prejudice against actors cum singers; however, I like Jill Hennessy. And, I think she was a singer before an actor. Some sort of triple (or only double) threat. I hope she does well, and not just because she's Canadian. She's got a good voice too!

November 7, 2010

Fifty First Day

And now I will begin the sharing of videos as well:

Gary Jules is possibly one of the best poets of our time. I could only love him more if he were Canadian.

As his poetry draws me towards his music, I must rave over the lyrics. My favourite line in this song is the opening line: "There's no poetry between us / Said the paper to the pen" To me, that line is pure beauty. I can't even do justice trying to explain it, like true poetry. Such irony. Such truth. I've been in that place. I was in that place when I chose this song for the fifty-first day of my twent-fifth day. You can't push something that beautiful out of your mind, it just exists, on its own. That is art. That is the mystery of art. Sometimes I feel like it is merely free-flowing from my mind, but other times I wonder if maybe it just creates itself. In that instance, artists are merely the vehicles that transport it to the world. Thinking of it like that makes me even more grateful for the internet - a HUGE vehicle allowing us to share more beauty with one another!

The First Fifty Days

I should have started with this. The idea developed as I went along, though. Having a song each day for my twenty-fifth year was not something I thought about long, but it's now something I've committed to. As I began transferring the info to this blog, the fifty-first day has just begun. As such, I should recap what's already happened...or it will never make it into a blog!

Birthday Song: Bowling For Soup ~ 1985 Love it!
My song for the day!!! Make anybody else feel "retro"?

Day One: Zager & Evans ~ In the Year 2525 The Song For This Year...

Day Two: Coco Love Alcorn ~ Intellectual Boys From the girl who brought you the song about the bicycle... I love Coco! So sad I missed her in Edmonton last spring.

Day Three: Hawksley Workman ~ Jealous of Your Cigarette
first song of the day...I <3 Mr. Hawksley Workman! Jeremy Fisher ~ Fall For Anything I'm so tired of ignoring the universe... It's time for me to stand for myself above all else.

Day Four: Danny Michel & the Camp Town Racers ~ Sweet Things This will be the best trip ever - saw Danny Michel first thing off the plane!!! So stoked! Already been a fabulous night! Thanks, ladies!

Day Five: Michael Buble ~ Haven't Met You Yet
I've had this song running through my head for the last few days. Love it! Love Mr. Buble! True Canadian Talent...

Day Six: Will.I.Am ~ I Like To Move It
I like to move it, move it! I like to move it! And dancing to this first thing in the morning is the best!

Day Eight: Hannah Georgas ~ Thick Skin
I've been trying to post a music video for every day of my 25th year. I missed yesterday, so here is the most appropriate song for it. I just wish it had a happier ending, because the day did.
Ridley Bent ~ Pastures of Heaven
Very cute song! Always reminds me of Main Street and struggling artists. Love it!

Day Nine: Spirit of the West - Home For a Rest
Blarney Stone Tonight!

Day Ten: Regina Spektor ~ Laughing With
I've recently stumbled upon Regina Spektor again. I love her...this is one of my new favourite songs!

Day Eleven: Chantel Kreviazuk ~ Feels Like Home
I've had this song playing in the back of my head all weekend. Leaving one home tor another today. Bittersweet end to my holidays, but definitely one of the best holidays I've ever had! Not Kreviazuk's video, but I <3 the Notebook too! Day Twelve: Dolly Parton ~ 9 to 5
Thanks for the inspiration with your status, Chelsea! Best song to listen to before going back to work... I<3 Dolly...always! Day Thirteen: Mike Roste ~ Wait Away
I actually wanted to post "Little Miss Sunshine" by Michael Amirault today, but it's not on YouTube. This one is pretty sweet song in itself!

Day Fourteen: R.E.M. ~ Shiny Happy People
You should learn at least one new thing each day. This is why I love cbc. Today they aught me about civil unrest, fear, the gov't trying to cover it all up, and REM's artistic expression of this oppression. Thank you art! Where would our society be without the freedom to listen to this song first thing in the morning?

Day Fifteen: Jeremy Fisher ~ Fall For Anything
Happy World Vegetarian Day!
This came on my shuffle yesterday, and I had one of those maazing experiences that happens when I listen to my personal favourites in public. The rest of the world disappeared for four and a half minutes, and I escaped into my own thoughts. This years marks seven years of vegetarian living for me...and every year, I stand just a little bit stronger for what I believe in...

Day Sixteen: Moulin Rouge (Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor) ~ Your Song
Very sweet song... The beginning is a bit off-taste but it makes the song that much sweeter. The two spectrums of wooing - lust vs. love... Plus, Exan McGregor is so darn charmin'! :-D

Day Seventeen: Miranda Lambert ~ Kerosene
This was the workout song of choice today. I do not always love country, so I though I should probably go with this one while I'm in the right mood for it. Not my fav of hers (House That Built Me), but today, I'm feeling Miss Miranda Lambert...

Day Eighteen: Scouting For Girls ~ She's So Lovely
You know those days on the bus, when you're listening to your iPod, tapping your toe to the beat and really just wanna be a part of a flash dance to whatever song is playing into your ears...well, this song came on as soon as I stepped off the moving dance floor...and I couldn't help but breaking out into my own little dance party in the imPark parking lot by my apartment. :-D I hope you find your own dance party.

Day Nineteen: Sarah Harmer ~ Captive
My greatest love of art stems from its ability to inspire us. Can you guess who inspired Miss Harmer in this song? I immediately felt it was a cover, and continued to believe this until seeing her perform it live, when she explained that they only inspired this song. If you love music, take a listen and tell me your guess. If you already love music, or Sarah Harmer, you probably already know who inspired this punk-beat love song. :-D

Day Twenty: Primitive Radio Gods ~ Standing Outside a Phone Booth...
I love the melancholy of this song. Sometimes you just need a melancholic song, and this is, if not the top on, at least in the top ten melancholic songs. I'm normally a positive person, but I enjoy a good cry now and then too...

Day Twenty-One: Johnny Reid ~ Today I'm Gonna Try to Change the World
I love the sentiment, but had it been me writing the song, there would be no try. Because, well, there is no try. There is do or do not. and every day we do change the world, whether we know it or not. Let this song make you mindful of how that works.

Day Twenty-Two: Corb Lund ~ Long Gone to Saskatchewan
"Everybody loves Saskatchewan, it's like your little brother."
Long gone to SK myself today...sure to hear this somewhere along the way ;-)

Day Twenty-Three: John Lennon ~ Imagine
If we're going to take just one day to remember this man, it should be today.
My fav Lennon song...need I say more?

Day Twenty-Four: Feist ~ 1234
Such a colourful video!
Can I be thankful for technocolour?
Hannah Georgas ~ The Beat Stuff
I'm thankful for good friends, good family, good music, and finding my home wherever I go. :-D

Day Twenty-Five: Brad Paisley ~ Welcome to the Future
Ok...another country tune. But it's good!
First heard this song yesterday - sorry to those country fans out there for not hearing it earlier. For those who don't follow country, you should listen to Paisley. He has a lot to say in his songs, generally amusing, and not too bad to look at either. :-)

Day Twenty-Six: Hannah Georgas ~ Lovesick I love Hannah!!!!
Little over two hours and I'll be singing along to this LIVE...I loves it!
No video, but the brilliance of the song makes up for that. :-D Just crank your speakers and enjoy...

Day Twenty-Seven: Royal Wood ~ On Top Of Your Love
If ever given the chance, you must see this man live! This song captures his energy well, but nothing beats a live show!!!
Meaghan Smith ~ If You Asked Me
I love the serendipity of finding new music ... although I'm pretty sure I've heard Meaghan Smith before. This is how the serendipity of this new discovery happened: A year and a hlaf ago, I went to Jeremy Fisher, and heard Hannah Georgas. I went to see Hannah, and I fell for Royal Wood. I began watching videos mixes of Royal, and came across Meaghan Smith. Then, I found this tune...and it's just too good not to share with you tonight, rather than waiting for tomorrow's song...

Day Twenty-Eight: Kate Nash ~ Pumpkin Soup
There's a reason this is the first song on my running playlist. first song of hers that I fell in love with, and regardless of my mood, I still always love her...
HoneyHoney ~ Thursday Night
This is a funny song! Love it!
One more for randomly stumbling upon new artists!!!
And one more for's only appropriate for Thursday Night ;-)

Day Twenty-Nine: Deadeye Dick ~ New Age Girl
She don't eat meat...
I loved this song before I discovered vegetarianism...and today I'm spreading the discovery! With ten minutes left, I found a song for day 29...

Day Thirty: Coco Love Alcorn ~ I Got a Bicycle
Good video, but not the music video :-( I still likes it!

Day Thirty-One: Corrinne Bailey Rae ~ Put Your Records On
This song makes me wish it was raining, so I could pour a bath and enjoy my favourite "jazzy" song!
Sadly, it is sunny, crisp and I have to enjoy the lovely autmun day :-D

Day Thirty-Two: Feist ~ Brandy Alexander
I love this tune. So sweet!

Day Thirty-Three: Erin McKeown ~ Slung-Lo
:-D or not :-D's all part of life...

Day Thirty-Four: Mason Jennings ~ Jackson Square & Forgiveness
Thank you to everybody who wore pruple today! It's a good cause - the first real cause I won a battle over! sometimes you don't have to do a lot to make a difference. In my case, it was a simple question posed to an influential figure. Whether you wore purple today of not, remember that it doesn't matter the size of your action, as long as it matches your convictions.
Also, I love Mason Jennings! This is definitely the first song of his I should post...but why has it taken me 34 days to post it? Well, I don't know everything...

Day Thirty-Five: Rammstein ~ Du Hast
In elementary school, the only box that wasn't ticked was always "works well with others." Today, I felt like that; and embraced the emotion of today: ANGER. As much as I tried to hand on to it, it quickly turned into giddyness, which only furthers this week's lesson of embracing all of my emotions - negative and positive. Still, I wanted to commemoratre the anger with a song. The only "angry" songs in my cd collection are Alanis Morisette, which didn't feel appropriate. Instead, here is the angriest band I love to hateL Rammstein. Reminds me of the receiving room in good ol' 789 :-)

Day Thirty-Six: Dido ~ Life For Rent
Moving on is always difficult, but if it's to take ownership of your life, who can really blame you?
A week and a day left. Some melancholy is appropriate. :-D

Day Thirty-Seven: Panic! At the Disco ~ Behind the Sea Sweet song. Interesting version of it, too.

Day Thirty-Eight: Scouting For Girls ~ Keep On Walking
When I first heard SFG, I loved them! Then, as I listened to them too much, I found them WAY too "pop"py and cringed just a bit whenever I heard the beginning of one of their songs on my iPod. I skip over half of my sogns, anyways...but I missed skipping this song today. Not bad, not bad...def not as "pop"py as their other songs. Kinda reminds me of the reason I first loved them. I don't know if I could handle the airplane song just yet though...
Jack Johnson ~ Angel
Such a sweet song. Leslie posted it earlier...I stole it from her! ;-)
Day 38's second song. I'm gonna have over 400 this year rather than 365!

Day Thirty-Nine: Sara Barielles ~ Fairytale
It's a sara barielles day...

Day Forty: Queen & David Bowie ~ Under Pressure
Perfect song for this week...
Every time I hear the Intro, my heartbeat perks feet start tapping...and I can't help but sing along! :-)

Day Forty-One: Jeremy Fisher ~ Remind Me
Today is a Jeremy Fisher day! :-D
Actually, last night was, but I'll let it carry forward. :-)
The acoustic version misses part of the bridge that made me fall in love with Mr. Fisher all over again...but hsi acoustic voice makes up for it. The album version - with its moving crescendos, etc. - made me wish I had studied music appreciation rather than German. At least considering the path my life is on right now ;-) ah well, there is always time...
Jeremy Fisher ~ Let It Shine
Not only can he play, but he's a funny man too! ;-)

Day Forty-Two: Noah and the Whale ~ 5 Years Time
One of the few vids that does not disappoint the song! Love the vid, have loved the song for they're together forever! ;-)
this is a prettyupbeat song about our failure to know what lays before us. i like it. I'm embracing that feeling. The world is full of so many different scenarios...time to make my own!
The Ramones ~ I Wanna Be Sedated
There are days when I am sedated by work...tomorrow should be the last day ;-)
I'm numb. I like numb. I've gone through enough emotions this month, that's enough. Let's just let this pass and hope next month is less's hoping for smooth rides over bumps and lolls...

Day Forty-Three: Natasha Bedingfield ~ Pocketful of Sunshine
It's a Sunshine Day...

Day Forty-Four: Christina Aguilera ~ Fighter
Every year, every month, every week, I find myself breaking through one more coccoon. Each time, it gets easier; so I guess that each time, it has made me that much stronger... So, here's to the next butterfly I have become!

Day Forty-Five: Bon Jovi ~ It's My Life
I woke up to Bon Jovi this morning...but I think this is a better song than the one that was playing in my head. Here's to carpe scary as it is somedays...

Day Forty-Six: Yael Naim ~ New Soul
J'aime cette chanteuse. Et j'aime mis amies meilleux pourquois la vie est tres dificile mais elles n'est pas! A mis amies meilleux!

Day Forty-Seven: Clumsy Lovers ~ Stand Up
Another power ballad :-)
I love happy tunes...and I love random bands, I love it even more when their happy tunes are available to share in this format :-D
This time last year I remember talking with a coworker about adventures. I remember confiding in him my fears that I had no more adventures left in me. He looked at me, shook his head an, in disbelief, said, "Jodi, you're 24. You have so many adventures ahead of you!" :-D

Day Forty-Eight: Tegan and Sara ~ Wake Up Exhausted
For your listening pleasure. Sorry, no video.

Day Forty-Nine: Gary Jules ~ Something Else
They never tell you there is strength in vulnerability...they only tell you not to cry...
And other valuable lessons.

Day Fifty: Matt Costa ~ Yellow Taxi
Even if you know all along, it's still nice to be reminded that the people you need the most are and always have been there - they just give you time to figure it out on your own. :-D