January 7, 2011

Alanna Clarke - Fine Line

“Alanna has a voice that is a natural gift. But it’s the artist behind that voice that excites me. She writes with a depth and passion that reveal wisdom and an unmistakable style. You’ll be hearing this voice for a long time to come.” - Christopher Ward, Clarke's producer

Born and raised in Cochrane, Alberta, this 18-year-old songstress has been performing her music since the age of ten, and it shows. Her lyrics and her voice capture the emotion of mature music soul, and there is no second guessing that writing music is her calling.

Her talent for creating music was discovered by Christopher Ward, through her cousin's performance at a Songwriters Association of Canada panel in ottawa. Overly impressed and aware of talent when he heard it, Christopher Ward approached Clarke's cousin and her big break began to happen. This song, Fine Line, was featured on a movie produced by another Canadian classic, Degrassi, last summer, which will only add to her publicity. That same summer, she was a member of U22, an organization that promotes blooming musical talent under the age of 22. Through U22, she was able to perform at both Canmore and Edmonton's Folk Music Festival, where I was introduced to her sound, and subsequently bought her cd. It's been through my cd player a few times since then, and I am delighted to finally share her with you! As Ward said, "You’ll be hearing this voice for a long time to come.”

For more on Miss Clarke, check out her website:


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