December 31, 2010

Top 25 (For 2010)

This has been on my mind for the last three weeks. Listening and reading numerous other "top ten" or "top twenty" lists for the last year, I felt I needed to do something like that as well. Every year, I personally do a "Top Five Things I'm Proud Of" list on NYE, and a "Top Five Things To Look Forward To" list on NYD. So, I thought five would be a good number for this as well....except that this year (16 September 2010 - 16 September 2011) is about 25, not 5. AND I had a lot more than five favs in music this year.

So, now that I had a number, what would the criteria be? Hmmm...that was a bit of a humdinger. I listen to such a mixture, that it couldn't be restricted to what was recorded in 2010. And a lot of my music carried over from previous years... But, I decided that if I was EVER going to restrict it to ONLY 25 songs, it would have to have had SIGNIFICANCE in 2010. So, here goes:

25) Ben Lee ~ I Love Pop Music

Lee's hit, "Catch My Disease" has been a favourite on my iPod for AT LEAST the last twelve months. Through this blog, though, I've discovered many more of his songs, and this is probably my FAVOURITE video of his.

24) Melissa McLelland

McLelland has been a fav artist of mine for more than just this year. The spring of 2010, however, was best captured by her music. This is a great video, too!

23) Alanna Clarke ~ Fine Line

Clarke has yet to appear on the blog, but she's pretty amazing! It feels liks, every year, I go to Edmonton Folk Music Festival and discover at least one new artist to LOVE. This year, the Alberta Charmer to fit that bill was Miss Clarke, here. I'm sure you'll hear more about her in 2011...

22) Twangtown Paramours ~ Lula

This year, I truly discovered CJSR. I had heard bits and pieces about this volunteer-run campus radio station previously, but this year I FINALLY moved close enough to the campus to be able to listen to the radio station on my radio. If you don't live close enough, you can still listen on (link? ) Since I live so close - and because I love to do so - I began volunteering with the radio station. As such, I have access to the "Treasure Chest," where I discovered this cute little country group. You're bound to hear more of them in 2011, as well...

21) Shad ~ Rose Garden

I have listened to CBC Radio - almost religiously - for eighteen months now, I'd say. Of course, I listened to Q even before that, but I REALLY started to listen to CBC this year, and discovered CBC Radio 2 this spring. Man, that has been one of the BEST MOMENTS of this year. You might find that ridiculously (especially since CJSR was a BEST MOMENT above), but it's rare to find a radio station that "gets" you, you know. As the year progressed, I've found more people who "get" CBC Radio, and this just makes me happy! :-D Shad was one of the many artists that I probably would NEVER have heard of were it not for CBC Radio 2. You're bound to hear more from him in 2011, too!

20) Mass Choir

I always like to see people I know. I especially like to see people I know succeeding with what they love! Mass Choir formed in March 2010, and I finally got to see them in December. They're loads of fun, as was their concert/Christmas Party. :-D

19) Chloe Albert

Just like Melissa McLelland, I have known this music for more than just this year, but she was good to listen to this year, too. Especially this song. So many times this summer, I would come home from work, turn on my stereo and relax to this sound....

18) Sara Bareilles ~ Bottle It Up

This year found me living closer to my favourite street in Edmonton - Whyte Ave. In fact, this year found me working there! Two doors down from the reason I moved to this new neighbourhood (work), is this great little music store. I went shopping in there with my sister this spring and she mentioned that she would like to play more piano, but that she's not inspired by the current music sheets available to her. So, for her Rock Star birthday, I got her one of OUR favourite artists' music, so that she can be more inspired to play the piano. Barielles always makes me think of my sister, and walking past that music store often reminds me of this story.

17) Feist ~ 1234

On days that I REALLY needed to be pumped up for work, I listened to Feist. Some days required more pumping up than others, and I hope that will be the case for 2011....although, I know I won't stop listening to Feist.

16) Jill Barber ~ Oh My My

What a sweetheart! Yes, I listened to far too much Jill Barber in 2010...thank goodness there is no such thing as TOO MUCH Jill Barber!

15) Coco Love Alcorn ~ I Gotta Bicycle

You're going to bike in the winter time? Say what!?! Yes, of course I'm going to cycle in the winter time. It sure beats the alternative, which is a definite lesson I got in 2010. Some people view owning a vehicle as a necessary step to maturing. For me, realizing that I don't want to own a vehicle, but that I can and should have my own transportation available for getting around the city has been an exercice in maturity. Here's to continuing to cycle through the rain, snow and sunshine of 2011!!!

Also, I would have seen Ms. Alcorn this spring, but I was moving that weekend! Luckily, she (like many other fabulous women this year) has had her baby and is inspired to go back into the recording studio...and maybe tour in 2011?!? Or am I being a tad bit too hopeful...

14) Katie Melua

This year, I learned how to fall in love. Music was a part of that journey, and may always remind me of this fall... Alas, even with a broken heart, I still love this lady.

13)Darren Hanlon ~ I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You

I don't even remember how I stumbled upon this artist...I should go back and read that blog post...
Regardless, he is AMAZING! As is this song. For that reason alone, I had to include it on this list.

12) Mumford & Sons

These guys have had a buzz around them this year, and somehow I picked up on that buzz. They're just a favourite band of mine from 2010. ... And this is a pretty good song from them, too...

11) Corb Lund

Oh, Corb... A year in my life (since I found his music) will never be complete without his country beats and downhome charm. He always makes me think of my sisters, my home town, and how it's okay to be're still an intelligent person ;-)

10) Hawksley Workman ~ Jealous of Your Cigarette

This song reminds me of an intersection in Mill Woods that I would come across every morning last winter. What?!? Cycling with your iPod on? I have NO IDEA what you're referring to...

9) Michael Buble ~ Haven't Met You Yet

Wow! A "love song for single people" is the best description I have heard of this song. Can it sum me up any more? Grocery store? Dancing with food? If only he found himself searching through the tomatoes, accidentally brushing his hand against somebody else's... If you know me personally, you've heard that love fantasy a THOUSAND times! Ah, well, it's made me think twice about what I wear to the grocery store a few times...

8) Andrew Bird @ TED Talks

I posted a song by Andrew Bird in 2010, but this is the first posting of his TED Talks presentation. This year, I discovered TED Talks, as well as Andrew Bird. One of my best friends introduced me to this video, and so it makes me think of her. This video reminds me of the night we shared in Saskatoon, catching up, complaining about life, and reconnecting. What a great night! The recording and looping that he does is not new for me in 2010, but it's still noteworthy.

7) Jeremy Fisher ~ Fall For Anything

From an early age, I identified as an activist. An activist for what was the question for the longest time. This year, I climbed deeper into the animal activist role, and will probably roost there for the rest of my life. This song reminds me - every time I hear it - that I can sit on the fence for many things, but I have to stand strong with what I really believe in...more to come in 2011 ;-)

6) Tanya Davis ~ How To Be Alone

At some point, we become comfortable enough with ourselves to be completely alone. FINALLY living on my own this year, I think I have hit that point. Based on the realization of what I said (years ago) would happen when I lived on my own, I think I have become comfortable enough with myself. That was the best gift I could ever have given myself. Now...will I ever be comfortable with silence?

5) Erin McKeown ~ Born To Hum

"Once in the spring of my 24th year..."
I had to include this song in a list of 2010's Best! Also, the re-discovery of McKeown brings a lot of perspective to me at this time. I had a conversation (and great revelation) about this in November - that we can meet somebody today, and perhaps tomorrow or perhaps three years, or fifteen years from now, they can impact our life immensely. Whether they offer us a more-satisfying job, provide us with a necessity at that given moment, or even just connect us with someboby that can help us in a similar manner as well, that person may be of importance to us in the future. It's fitting, then, to be reminded of that by a complete stranger the year my grandmother died. Her actions before my birth had that affect on my housing situation in the first place I rented. I've been ever aware of karma ever since. And, so, once in the spring of my 24th year, I grabbed hold of an opportunity presented to me by my boss, and it's lead me on an incredible journey of fate...

4) Royal Wood ~ On Top Of Your Love

Holy Smokes! Of all the artists I discovered this year, this one made me the most ecstatic. It was just one of those musical moments when I realized how much things built on one another. I was at the concert with one of my best friends, we ran into one of our mutual friends (who has been an amazing inpsiration to me this year) and for the entire concert, I was completely satisfied to be living in that moment EXACTLY!... See Below...

3) Danny Michel ~ Sweet Things

One of my fav artists, and a good lesson to have learned this year, even if I had heard it before 2010. While it is important to be working towards something in your life, that's not the only thing you should be worrying about. An important lesson this year has been to actually CHERISH the moments as they happen. I can't say that I've mastered it yet, but I do think I'm getting better at being grateful for the Sweet Things I have right now.

2) Yael Naim ~ New Soul

For the real video (that wouldn't upload onto the blog :-(), please check out:

It's been almost three years since I discovered this song and this artist, but it still impacted my life strongly this year. There are two things that you can count on in life: death; change. Both provide us with the opportunity to create something beautiful with what remains.

1) Hannah Georgas ~ Beat Stuff

If this blog had a theme song, this would be it! Alas, this blog has many songs and the only theme is randomness... But I still LOVE IT! I hope you do, and Keep Reading in 2011!

Happy New Year!!!

:-D For more on the artists mentioned above, select "Top 25 of 2010" from the Label List! :-D

Video From Day One: Zager & Evans ~ IN THE YEAR 2525

Day One: (No Comment)

Update: Yeah...back then, I had no idea what this project was going to turn into! I'm glad that it turned into something. I'm intrigued by what past societies have thought about the future...and how we have missed or surpassed their ideas of what to expect. It makes you think a minute or two before making predictions for our future...

How are those New Year's Resolutions coming along?

December 30, 2010

Day 105: She & Him ~ In the Sun

On the website for She & Him, guitarist Matt Ward talks about their music:
"There are a lot of people who write music so that they can take their audience to a dark night of their own soul or to get something really heavy off their chest. I don’t think Zooey (Deschanel, the singer and songwriter) looks at music that way, and I think that’s a huge part of where her songwriting is coming from. Certain people write songs to make other people feel good. When I think about some of my favorite singers, like Sam Cooke or people of that generation, I think that they saw their gift as the ability to make people feel better, to feel happy. It’s contagious to be around people like that."

Check out:

I first heard this dynamic duo while watching (500) Days of Sunshine. Now there's a GREAT soundtrack! Then, I read an article on them in Bust. Needless to say, I've been addicted since then. I love shiny happy songs!!!

Video From Day 49: Gary Jules ~ Something Else

Day 49: They never tell you there is strength in vulnerability...they only tell you not to cry...
And other valuable lessons.

Update: I wish I had a lampshade filled with the poetry of this man. I would set up in the middle of my room, like a disco ball, and watch as the room filled with words of wisdom...

December 29, 2010

Video From Day 25: Brad Paisley ~ Welcome to the Future

Day 25: Ok...another country tune. But it's good!
First heard this song yesterday - sorry to those country fans out there for not hearing it earlier. For those who don't follow country, you should listne to Paisley. He has a lot to say in his songs, generally amusing, and not too bad to look at either. :-)

Update: It's interesting that this was posted on the 25th day of my 25th year. And then, today, I finally made my first definition of a quarter life crisis. Check out that rant:

The Writing of a Quarter Life Crisis: Defining The Quarter Life Crisis: "I've been working on this one for a little bit, so I apologize in the delay... I was at a party the other night, and I was asked what I do ..."

Ben Lee - I Love Pop Music

This song makes me feel better about my love for pop music. And, yeah, the song has a very "poppy" sound to it...although, I wouldn't call Ben Lee one of those "pop artists." Remember his song, Catch My Disease? Yeah, you don't hear him on the radio...not even CBC radio! (Because, of course, his Australian-American, but whatever...)

December 28, 2010

Rob Szabo- Beautiful

Fantabulous song; great video, especially for a live recording ;-)

An artist that has been compared to the likes of Damien Rice and Ray Lamontagne, Rob Szabo is slowly gaining my admiration. I liked him as soon as I heard him - on a mixed cd my sister shared with me from one of her coworkers - but it's taken some time for me to add this song on to my top ten list on my iPod. Now that it's there, though, I thought I should share it with all of you as well!

Another Ontario man, Rob Szabo is yet another artist who thinks outside of the box for funding. Currently, he is fund-raising for his new cd with pre-orders and a campaign to do "some other ideas about something that’s of value to you, that I can provide," such as house concerts, or guitar lesson. He's not looking for charity; he's just asking you to value the production of art. I find him innovative!

Check out his website:

For more information.

December 27, 2010

P!nk - Raise Your Glass

Rosie the Rivetter, Animal Liberation Movement, dirty little freaks, anti-capitalist sumo-wrestlers, and everybody else who ever dared to be a freak for what they believed in...

Pink is such an inspiration to me. She's always been the louder than life female artist not afraid to tell the world exactly what she thinks. And she always does it in such a positive way. Ok, well, maybe, she insults the popular class, but that only adds to the reasons I love her!

December 26, 2010

Holiday Tune #10: Diana Krall ~ New Years Eve

Now that the 25th of December has passed, it's time to move on to the next mass-celebrated holiday, New Year's Eve...

By the way, to those celebrating the less-mass-celebrated holiday...

Happy Kwanzaa!

December 25, 2010

Holiday Tune #9: Michael Buble & Jennifer Hudson ~ Christmas duets

This song is a great example of why I LOVE Michael Buble. I love duets where you can see the conversation actually happening in real life...or even just an old musical play...hmmm, delightful!

Holiday Tune #8: Dido ~ Christmas Day

I love Dido!

I love this's such a sweet, beautiful Christmas song. It really captures the peace that is supposed to accompany this time of year. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas Day!

December 24, 2010

Holiday Tune #7: Bing Crosby ~ White Christmas

The All-Time Best Christmas Song EVER!!!

My understanding of its origin is that the writer was from New England (the Northeastern area of USA), where he grew up accustomed to snow at Christmas time. For some reason (I believe it was job-related) he found himself stuck in California over the holiday season. He just couldn't get into the mood, though, without the falling of snow as Christmas approached. I always think of this story when I hear this song. I don't remember all of the details, but the above is enough to make me all fuzzy and warm inside. So, as much as you may be freezing over the holiday season, remember that it could be worse - you could be in sunny California! ;-)

Holiday Tune #6: Barenaked Ladies ~ "Jingle Bells"

Here's a modern version of Frank's classic tune. I love how soft and gentle this song begins, and then - halfway through - it jumps into this crazy energetic smorgasborg of sounds! That's BnL style...


Merry Christmas Eve!

Day 99: MC Hammer ~ U Can't Touch This

Oh yeeeeeaaaahhh! Oh, those dance moves! Oh, those colours! Oh, those pants!

I wish I had owned some Hammer pants...they look comfie...

This is it - the last of the 90s music! I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane...and dancing! Why don't we have dance music like this anymore? It makes me sad... I mean, I'd go to those 90s bars for some dance time, but, well, I can't stand it when my hair has to compete with others for volume...

December 23, 2010

Holiday Tune #5: Frank Sinatra ~ Jingle Bells

This is a classic tune, and Frank a classic artist. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I don't listen to him enough. Perhaps that will be a New Year's Resolution, if I believed in New Year's Resolutions. Alas, I love the artists who have been influenced by Frank, so it's like I already do listen to him, too much!

I hope you enjoy this classic!

Video From Day Nine: SPIRIT OF THE WEST ~ Home For A Rest

You'll have to excuse me, I'm not at my best...I've been gone for a month; I've been drunk since I left...

Day Nine: Blarney Stone tonight!

Update: Ah, Spirit of the West... I always thinks of the best pub in Vancouver's Gastown when I hear this song. That, and one of my best friends - Heidi. I remember one St. Patrick's Day when we waited in line for four hours just to get into the Blarney Stone. We got inside, ordered a jug of green beer each, downed it and ended up creating a dance floor wherever we were... The next night we went to Spirit of the West together. Anyways, i'm pretty sure I went with Heidi. I can't imagine having gone with anybody else at that time...

I think it's only appropriate that I re-share this video within the holiday season. Hope you're all having some responsible fun! ;-) And you're also probably headed home for a rest as well...

Holiday Tune #4: Mariah Carey ~ All I Want For Christmas Is You

I'm not actually a fan of Mariah Carey, but you cannot deny that she has an amazing voice! And, so, this is a great song! It's kind of a weird video, though. What do you think of it?

For seven years, I have maintained the tradition of watching Love, Actually in preparation for the Christmas season. This year, watching it brought me full-on into the Christmas season! I love it!

I hope this song does the same for you, unless you're already there, and if so, even better!

Day 98: Seal ~ Kiss From A Rose

Another song from the's almost over.

The other night, I watched the film Definitely, Maybe. I love that film for many reasons. The first chronological reason is the opening scene. The narrator (main character) introduces himself and his life and then takes to the street with his iPod. As he finds the right song for his walk, he reveals something that I love about my life right now. Sometimes, we all need our own soundtrack. With iPods and personal mp3 players hanging from our ears eighty percent of the time, we get that. I love that my life has a soundtrack when I take to the streets myself...

I also love the flashbacks to the technology of the nineties in that film. In 1992, the main character is tossed a huge phone with a long antenna. "What's this?" he asks. "A cellular phone," is the response. Remember when those things were new? Now you can't find people without them, most of the time. All that has happened in such a short period of time. It's crazy!

I remember this song coming out. I remember Seal. He was one of the softer singers of the decade - fabulous! He's made a comeback this last decade, but not to the same extent as before. Music has changed...but he's still a great artist, and this is such a sweet song... Enjoy!

December 22, 2010

Video From Day Eight: Hannah Georgas ~ Thick Skin

We can all get along for the first five minutes...

Day 8: I've been trying to post a music video for every day of my 25th year. I missed yesterday, so here is the most appropriate song for it. I just wish it had a happier ending, because the day did.

Update: This song was inspired by dealing with family. I think that during the Holidays, we all need to add an extra layer of thick skin before we go out the door...or welcome others into our own doors. Good luck with all of that!

Holiday Tunes #3: Band Aid ~ Do They Know It's Christmas?

Band Aid 1984

Forty-two artists gathered together in 1984 to record this song as a fund-raiser for Ethiopia. Twenty-six years later, it is still ingrained in our minds as a song that truly captures the spirit of the season - giving, thinking of others, etc.

Lyrics, as sung by each artist listed behind:

'It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid' [Paul Young(1984), Chris Martin(2004)]
'At Christmas time, we let in light and we banish shade' [Paul Young(1984) Chris Martin(2004)]
'And in our world of plenty, we can spread a smile of joy' [Boy George(1984) Dido(2004)]
'Throw your arms around the world, at Christmas time' [Boy George(1984) Dido(2004)]
'But say a prayer; Pray for the other ones' [George Michael(1984)Robbie Williams(2004)]
'At Christmas time it's hard, but when you're having fun' [George Michael/Simon Le Bon(1984) Robbie Williams(2004)]
'There's a world outside your window, and it's a world of dread and fear' [Simon Le Bon/Sting(1984) Sugababes(2004)]
'Where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears' [Tony Hadley/Sting(1984) Fran Healy & Sugababes(2004)]
'And the Christmas bells that ring there, are the clanging chimes of doom' Sting/Bono(1984) Fran Healy & Justin Hawkins(2004)]
'Well, tonight, thank God it's them, instead of you' [Bono (1984) Bono (2004)]
'And there won't be snow in Africa, this Christmas time' [Boy George/Paul Weller/Sting(1984) Will Young & Jamelia(2004)]
'The greatest gift they'll get this year is life' [Bono/George Michael/Boy George(1984) Will Young & Jamelia(2004)]
'Where nothing ever grows' [Paul Young(1984) Ms Dynamite & Beverley Knight(2004)]
'No rain nor rivers flow' [Glenn Gregory(1984) Ms Dynamite & Beverley Knight(2004)]
'Do they know it's Christmas time at all?' [All(1984) All(2004)]
'Here's to you' [Marilyn/Glenn Gregory/Rick Parfitt/Francis Rossi(1984) Tom Chaplin(2004)]
'Raise a glass for everyone' [Paul Young(1984) Justin Hawkins(2004)]
'Spare a thought this yuletide for the deprived'
'If the table was turned would you survive?' [Dizzee Rascal(2004)]
'Here's to them' [Marilyn/Glenn/Rick/Francis(1984) Busted(2004)]
'Underneath that burning sun' [Paul Young(1984) Justin Hawkins(2004)]
'You ain't gotta feel guilt, just selfless'
'Give a little help, to the helpless' [Dizzee Rascal(2004)]
'Do they know it's Christmas time at all?' [Paul Young(1984) Joss Stone and Justin Hawkins(2004)]
'Feed the World' (repeat) [All(1984) Tom Chaplin(2004)]
'Feed the World, Let them know it's Christmas time again' (repeat) [All(1984) All(2004)]

Twenty years after the original recording, several artists gathered together to repeat history, or almost repeat it. This is something I love about art! Great art, fantastic collaboration, or whatever it is that achieves the ultimate task of capturing the human spirit is one of the most inspiring things in the world, and it generally influences artists' ability to create even more art... or something like that. Perhaps I'm lost for words in describing this phenomena, which would be a shame...

Regardless of my ability to give justice to this project, it existed. Chris Martin (from Coldplay) and Bono (from U2) collaborated with the original writers and organizers of the 1984 production, Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, to form an actual charity group that would live on after the holiday passed this time. This time, the money went to Darfur...

Band Aid 2004

However you are inspired to continue the tradition of giving, I hope you do. Every year I try to give a gift through a charity I grew up supporting: WWF (World Wildlife Federation). One of my best friends chose the goal of raising $1000 for a charity that helps fund several orphanages in one of India's poorest state, Bihar. At the time of this post, she's raised over $1040!!! Even if you forget to do something like those two examples this year, I'm sure you've considered giving a little bit extra to the Food Bank this holiday season. I encourage you to give in whatever way you can, and even feel free to share your contributions in the comments below! One thing a charity can never get enough of is publicity!

Day 97: Sheryl Crow ~ If It Makes You Happy

Apparently, I was a bit rude today. Everybody was nice about it and nobody said anything, but I noticed. If my sarcasm was too much for you and you were offended, I apologize...but, well, it made ME happy...

This must have been one of the first videos I saw on Much Music. I recognize the video as much as I do the that's innovative!

December 21, 2010

Holiday Tune #2: Train - Shake Up Christmas

After yesterday's post, I thought I should provide an example of the Christmas tunes being produced that are not of the Christmas tradition Leigh Haggerwood strives for in his music.

I like this Christmas video ;-) So do, apparently, millions of other people...or perhaps they just like Train, I don't know, but there have been millions of views of it on YouTube. I like the concept of Santa Claus having a crystal ball with us inside...that's always an interesting concept for me.

Video From Day 29: Deadeye Dick ~ New Age Girl

Day Twenty-Nine: Deadeye Dick ~ New Age Girl
She don't eat meat...
I loved this song before I discovered vegetarianism...and today I'm spreading the discovery! With ten minutes left, I found a song for day 29...

Original video can be found here:

Remember Dumb and Dumber?
That movie was ridiculous...

I was explaining to my uncle why I recently quit my full-time salaried position with a large company. I tried the whole, "I realized I'm a hippy and can't work for a big company." This worked for about an hour or two. Then, when we were all sitting around the table talking about something else, he described a hippy from the 70's and told me that I was NOT a hippy... Ok, I'll let him have that one. Perhaps, instead, I'm a "New Age Girl"... Is that better?

Day 96: Sir Mix A Lot ~ Baby Got Back

Oh My God,...

You know it, you love it! Sir Mix a Lot, baby! ;-)

Since re-discovering this bumpy tune last week, I've been created my own versions of it. It's just so much fun to sing along with, dance to, and make great merriment out of. I hope you enjoy it so much you get out of your chair and "shake it, (shake it!) shake it (shake it!); shake that healthy butt! ... Baby, got back!" ;-)

December 20, 2010

Holiday Tune #1: The Florin Street Band ~ My Favourite Time of Year

Last night began my holiday celebrations with the decorating of my apartment and the watching of my Christmas favourite: Love, Actually. I've watched that movie every year since its release in 2003, and never plan on missing it. In fact, I was so close to missing it when I lived abroad, that I now possess only the UK edition of the DVD, and I am therefore forced to watch it on my laptop... Alas, life could be worse.

After the film finished and I once again had access to the internet, I began my search for the perfect Holiday tunes to follow my mood. I quickly came across this band...

It all began with a UK musician, Leigh Haggerwood, who decided to bring the Christmas of Victorian times back to the month of December. He approached several music producers, but none would help fund his project of having a TRUE Christmas tune top the charts in December. The record companies were not prepared to compete against media giants produced by the likes of the X Factor. (Think of that opera singer from last year - something Boyle, wasn't it?) Faced with this rejection, Leigh refused to give up! This July he gathered as many people as he could get involved with him privately, including Nick Bartleet and John Perez. They made their way out to Shropshire (a little county just East of Wales that will always have a large home inside my heart) to film in the Blist Hills Victorian Town. As part of the Ironbridge Museum, Blist Hills was a great location for reinvigorating the Victorian spirit that so many of Leigh's holiday traditions have come from. This was his dream, and this is the year it came true for him. All I want to do is help him live his best dream!

If you like this video, or this story, please help him out. Go to:

or download his single off of iTunes. I know I have a new holiday tradition in Leigh's dream and the Florin Street Band; I hope you do, too!

My Favourite Time of Year
Words & music by Leigh Haggerwood

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Ah, the Fresh Prince... this extended version of the Intro song was never played enough on the show. And I watched this show religiously in the 90's! Will Smith is still so dreamy...

And, this song is WORLD FAMOUS! I have started the rap in hostels all over Europe, with people from all over the world, and the entire crowd generally knows every SINGLE line...trying it out with my friends who were BORN in the 90's, though, and their eyes tend to glaze over. So, friends, here it is - listen, learn and love it!

The Carlton Dance:

Oh, Carlton....

Where would hopeless dancers of today be without Carlton Banks to blame for making it acceptable to be so "unusual."

I remember going clubbing with some coworkers my first summer in Vancouver. One of them was nearing thirty and danced like a maniac on the dance floor. I kidded him about it briefly, but he remained confident in his body. "I dance like nobody's watching, or else it's just not as much fun." Today, I dance like nobody is watching when nobody is actually watching...until I have a few beers and then the world disappears and I think I have the best rhythm in the world. Inside all of us is a little Carlton just waiting to dance his way out...

Carlton and Will

The thing about family is that, regardless of whether or not you even like them, they will be in your life forever...even if they become estranged, they are STILL there. I'm glad that I have a family that I love not because of this, but despite this fact. I think that the Banks eventually found their way to having the same feelings toward Will in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

For example, Carlton puts up with a lot of teasing from Will, but they have the strongest bond in the entire show. They're more than just cousins, they are like brothers...and friends. Who else would you let do that to you?

Will's Dance Moves

The videos aren't uploading onto my site very well, but I recommend checking out this link. Just copy and paste this into your browser:

So, how can we criticize Carlton and not Will? Seriously?!? I think extraordinarily funny dance moves run rampant on that show...

...or maybe that was just the 90's. Remember MC Hammer?

Video From Day 20: PRIMITIVE RADIO GODS ~ Phonebooth

Day 20: I love the melancholy of this song. Soemtimes, you just need a melancholic song, and this is, if not the top one, at least in the top ten melancholic songs. I'm normally a positive person, but I enjoy a good cry now and then, too...

Update: I like to find the silver linings in most things, but you do need the really sad parts to make the really happy parts that much more WORTH IT. For more on this thought, check out:

The Writing of a Quarter Life Crisis: Having An Amazing Week...: "I was asked how I was doing this evening. I have a rule about not lying when asked that question (see last post), and therefore told the yo..."

Video From Day Zero: Bowling For Soup ~ 1985

Ah, woo hoo!

Birthday Song: My song for the day!!! Make anybody else feel "retro"?

Update: Yeah...I'm still so young! I will always love the year 2010, and the year 1985. I think it's kinda neat that from now on, my big "5" years will fall on years divisible by five as well. Only people I can thank for that are my parents...Thanks!

Also, I hope you're enjoying my flashback to the nineties this week. Everything in the past comes back, in some shape or form. I just hope we never see the return of using so much hairspray!...

December 19, 2010

REM - Shiny Happy People + lyrics

Spice Girls - Wannabe

Now, here is something I DID listen to in the 90's...

Ah, the Spice Girls. The group acted as a bonding agent between my two "hometowns" - Meacham and Meadow Lake. I remember doing an "Air Band" (where you get up on stage and lip-synch to a song while doing the dance from the music video) to Wannabe while in school in Viscount (when I lived near Meacham) and then gathering in the halls of my junior high in Meadow Lake to listen to the Spice Girl's new cd...

Music groups and celebrities are amazing in their ability to bond people together. Even today, if somebody tells me they like folk music, I know we'll be friends! And, we won't even have to talk about music that often in order to maintain that friendship. It's almost as if the music creates this instant bond that we don't have to communicate to one another through several conversations. It's immediate - oh, you appreciate the same music as ma, you probably have a similar temperament and philosophy guiding your life, I guess we're friends now...

That's why music is so important to young people. And pop music, too. Especially when you're living in a small town when the only other option is country. Not to berate country, I can appreciate it now. But listening to pop music when we were young teeny-boppers was partly our way of fitting in with one another, while maintaining some difference from our parents. Or, perhaps it was even a way for us to connect with the world outside of our small town... When you're young, you need to fit in. Ages 11-15 are all about "fitting in." That's why there are so many cliques and groups and social divisions being created at that age - we are sorting out the pecking order. Clinging to a pop music group, such as the Spice Girls, became the one common denominator among all of those cliques, though...and I guess that's why there will always be pop music, and it will always be appreciated more by young teenage girls than by music snobs...

This is an interesting thought, I'll have to think more on it and expand over the next few days. Until then, back to the Spice Girls...

When I moved to Meadow Lake, liking the Spice Girls, BSB, and other pop music groups helped me make my group of friends. Sadly, by the time their second album rolled around and we were all headed towards high school, having sorted out the pecking order of junior high, I could no longer appreciate "pop music." This second video of the Spice Girls features a song I hated! I didn't murder the lines as we sung along to it at dances (as I did to Britney Spears), but deep down inside, my body groaned from agony whenever my friends HAD to listen to Spice Girls' new cd while we got ready for the dance... Somethings, I learned, should stay in junior high...

Now, I actually kinda like this song... It's nostalgic!

Also, watching these videos as a twenty-something woman, I have a better appreciation for what the artists were going through in their life. Unlike the pop music of today, these songs are aimed at an older audience. I'll clarify that. They make no reference to school or class in their lyrics, and could therefore be appreciated by people (ie. adults) who no longer have to contend with those things in their lives. Part of it is probably nostalgia, but I will always like 90s pop music more than pop music produced in my adult life.

Just as an example:

Last weekend, I heard Katy Perry's "Peacock" song as I was riding along in my sister's truck. "How can artists put out music like this - that's so suggestive - to an audience as impressionable as teeny-bopper girls?"
"Well, they don't actually say any of the words, Jodi? What is it that YOU think they are referring to?" My sister tried to make me feel bad for the obvious interpretation of the song.
"Yeah, fine, you're right...." I conceded and a conversation regarding the censorship of sex over violence ensued. As I re-watched the first video of the Spice Girls posted here, I flashed back to listening to it as a young, impressionable girl myself. Yeah, I knew what they were referencing with "ziggy-ziggy-zig-ya" AND that was part of the APPEAL of the song. Granted, it talks about being the woman being respected in the relationship and having the option of saying "no" and "goodbye" if the other person in the relationship was "boring," or respectful to her. This "girl power" is what made the Spice Girls so famous, and accepted by the censors. So, this then makes me wonder, does Katy Perry carry the same girl power with her songs? Or, do we just assume that impressionable young minds don't understand what a "peacock" means?

Video From Day 24(2): Hannah Georgas ~ The Beat Stuff

Day 24: I'm thankful for good friends, good family, good music, and finding my home wherever I go. :-D

Update: Who wouldn't love this lady?!? Definitely impossible for me not to...

This is the song that did it in for me. Just listen to that beat...and then she put lyrics that rock on top of it! Man, this girl is going places...and I can't do enough to help her get there!

Oh, man, I love this song...I hope you do too!

Okay, I'm done gushing...

Video From Day 18: Scouting For Girls ~ She's So Lovely

Day 18: You know those days on the bus, when you're listening to your iPod, tapping your toe to the beat and really just wanna be a part of a flash dance to whatever song is playing into your ears... well, this song came on as soon as I stepped off the moving dance floor...and I couldn't help but breaking out int my own little dance party in the imPark parking lot by my apartment. :-D I hope you find your own dance party.

Update: Yes, flashmob dance-offs. They should really happen more in real life. I've seen a few, never been part of one ... yet ...

December 18, 2010

Day 93: Alanis Morissette ~ Head Over Feet

For everybody who ever needs a Jagged Little Pill, there is Alanis Morisette...

Who would've thought this squeaky clean girl from Ottawa would become the symbol of female romantic angst in the nineties? Well, history likes to repeat itself...look at the next decade's version of Alanis, Avril Lavigne... Why are some of the most famous Canadian female artists so full of rage?

This song, though, is a love song...

I've been asked to sing a few times in my life. The people who ask are not people who have ever heard my aty karaoke night. Of course, after a pitcher or two of bravery, who doesn't sound terrible? I always find myself singing along to any song on the Jagged Little Pill album. Somehow, my voice is able to wrap itself around the lyrics coming out of Alanis' mouth much more easily than most other artist's lyrics. Does this mean I'm filled with romantic angst? Or is it merely my voice...

Earlier, I posted the video to her angrier songs - You Oughta Know, Ironic, etc. - but fate would have it that those songs could not be displayed on my blog. I think that was a good choice. Alanis does get seen as a very angry woman, but this song is anything but that. Listening to it again this evening, I have a deeper appreciation for it. She's done the break-up songs so well, but she can sing about falling in love at a decent level, too.


Video From Day 12: Dolly Parton ~ 9 to 5

Awn...first professional singer I lip-synched to, for sure!

Day 12: Thanks for the inspiration with your status, Chelsea! Best song to listen to before going back to work... ! <3 Dolly....always!

Update: It's pretty amazing to NOT work 9 to 5 any more. Best decision I made this year, bar none!

Video From Day 16: Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman - Your Song(Moulin Rouge)

Day 16: Very sweet song... The beginning is a bit off-taste but it makes the song that much sweeter. The two spectrums of wooing - lust vs. love... Plus, Ewan McGregor is so darn charmin'! :-D

Update: This is one of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard.

December 17, 2010

Video From Day Fourteen: R.E.M. ~ Shiny Happy People

Day Fourteen: You should learn at least one new thing each day. This is why I love cbc. Today, they taught me about civil unrest, fear, the gov't trying to cover it all up, and REM's artistic expression of this oppression. Thank you, art! Where would our society be without the freedom to listen to this song first thing in the morning?

Link to original post (video):

Update:I love the internet. You can find out the most interesting things here...tonight, specifically, I'm calling upon wikipedia to learn more about this nineties band that I have previously featured in the first fifty days. I learned numerous new things with a quick look there. Here's the top five:
5) This song was recorded on my sister's tenth birthday.
4) This song was performed on Sesame Street, as "Furry Happy Monsters."
3) This song was the original choice for the Friends theme song, but they went with "I'll Be There For You" instead.
2) The backing vocals are by Kate Pierson of the B-52's, who is also in this music video. (I thought it sounded familiar...)
1) There is no mention whatsoever of this song's relation to civil unrest...which make me scratch my head trying to remember what the name of that Square that the massacre happened in that CBC said this song was inspired by... Well, I guess, I didn't need the internet to teach me that my memory is fading - I already knew that!

Enjoy this extra nineties video today!

Video From Day 17: Miranda Lambert ~ Kerosene

Day 17: This was the workout song of choice today. I do not always love country, so I thought I should probably go with this one while I'm in the right mood for it. Not my fav of hers (House That Built Me), but today, i'm feeling Miss Miranda Lambert...

Update: This is the best ANGRY love song. I LOVE IT!

Day 92: Ben Lee ~ Cigarettes Will Kill You

This song is not about nicotine...

It's amazing how many things in this world are addictive. How far will we go to fill a craving? What will we do to ourselves just to get that high? Is it a high we're looking for? Or sometimes merely contentment? Or, is it that we're too afraid of what would happen if we didn't have what we're addicted to? Is our fear of ending the addiction what keeps us on a path to the end of our lives?

December 16, 2010

Video From Day 22: Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans - Long Gone to Saskatchewan

Day 21: "Everybody loves Saskatchewan, it's like your little brother."
Long gone to SK myself, today...sure to hear this somewhere along the way ;-)

Update: This summer, I told a friend of mine that I was from Saskatchewan. "Oh,that doesn't surprise me," was his response. "You're so down-to-earth. People from Saskatchewan are very down-to-earth." I'm always going to take that as a compliment. And, as a representative, based on the above statement, I am going to make Corb Lund an Honorary Saskatchewanian...or is Saskatchewanite? Whatever you want to call him, I'd give him the Riders bunny hug off my back, even if he lost us the game of Kaiser after downing the box of Pilsner...and you know he would be the one responsible for the latter two! ;-)

I do love Jian Ghomeshi as well...except for the occasional times when he insults the prairies. I know he probably didn't mean for it to come off as an insult, and he's entitled to not love every part of Canada, but being a man based out of Toronto, not agreeing to think of Saskatchewan as "your little brother," is almost as bad as being a liberal Frenchman flipping the bird in this direction while dancing behind the queen. Prairie people might not all live in big cities, only see the countryside during "cottage season," or EVER think they live in the centre of the universe, and that's what makes us such awesome people! But, you're entitled to whatever opinion you want to have of our rectangular BOOMING province...

MASS CHOIR - 90's Inspired

A few months ago, I came across another artist I used to ride the bus with, Matt Skopyk. He's a bit older than me, so I've ALWAYS looked up to him, especially since he was in the artistic programs of high school that I gravitated towards as well. At some point, reverence follows talent more than age; but in high school, it's easier to recognize the latter. Now I recognize the talent, as do members of our current community, Edmonton.

In September, Mass Choir was named SONiC's Band of the Month, which brought the band a bit more face time out there, but they're definitely ready for more. Although not produced in the 90's, their sound is - as Matt explains in the video - reminiscent of those dance mixes we heard in our childhoods, but with a modern beat pounding throughout. You can't here that so much in this live version, but check out their video on vimeo:

You may need to copy and paste this into your browser:

Then, if you ARE in Edmonton, and still looking for a great way to spend your Friday night, come on out to Teddy's and here them LIVE:

The Bedrooms & Basements Recording Company is proud to present: The Provincial Archive's First Annual Christmas Party!


Spinning the finest in Disco/Soul/House to keep the party shakin'
Teddy's - 11361 Jasper Ave (Upstairs)
Advanced tickets go on sale Nov 25 from

Tickets are cheap, too, which is something I look for in an up and coming band...

Barenaked Ladies - The Old Apartment (Video)

It would not be a complete 90s list without some BnL, especially from me.

December 15, 2010

Day 90 - I Go Blind

Doesn't this just scream nineties?

I've been watching a lot of Friends this week, which is never a bad thing. In fact, watching Friends always makes me feel better about having no idea where my life is going. The series begins with Rachel searching for a calling; Phoebe never knows where her life is heading (and relishes in that fact); Ross changes careers (slightly) after a nervous breakdown; Monica is advanced, fired and then has to build her career up from the bottom (and a romantic funder) in her late twenties; Joey's career in show biz is all about the ebs and flows of career success; and then Chandler plugs away and away at a "filler" job for almost a decade before realizing that he is unhappy and he takes the plunge into finding his dream! So, there is NOTHING wrong with being obsessed with Friends right now!

Which brings me to this song, which was featured on Friends at the height of its popularity in the 90s. In fact, Hootie and the Blowfish were all over theepisode where Monica has her career setback.

Anyways, enjoy!

And then, realize that Hootie is actually doing a cover of a Canadian band: 54-40! Here is the original version of the song, released in 1986...not realy the nineties, but everything builds on itself. The sound quality is not as good, but, well, that was twenty plus years ago...

Video From Day Eight (2): Ridley Bent ~ Pastures of Heaven

Blam! Blam!

Day Eight (2): Very cute song! Always reminds me of Main Street and struggling artists. Love it!

Update: My first summer living in Vancouver, I had the strangest roommate I have ever had. The first time I stumbled home at three in the morning confirmed this as I found her cleaning! About a month later, after telling me several times that she was NOT interested in dating anybody right now, we ended up at a cd release party for the brother of a boy she had met on the bus that day... I no longer found my roommate at home when I got in at 3am...

It puzzled me, but whatever! The cd release party may have been the moment that I fell in love not only with "hick hop" but rising musicians! I became obsessed with Ridley Bent, telling everybody I knew about this great artist I had just heard! (That obsession existed for several years afterwards...well, I'll still tell you to check this guy out!) That was when my edumusication was woken up. And, so, now, here you read my words and learn my opinions on musical talent. It might not be polished, it has little to do with musical theory...but, well, it's what I love to do!

Video From Day Eleven: Chantel Kreviazuk ~ Feels Like Home (The Notebook)

Makes me wanna lose myself...

Day Eleven: I've had this song this song playing in my head all weekend. Leaving one home for another today. Bittersweet end to my holidays, but definitely one of the best holidays I've ever had! Not Kreviazuk's video, but I <3 the Notebookd too!

Update: It's amazing where you can find yourself at home...and still such a sweet song!

December 14, 2010

Fiona Apple - Criminal

Haven't we all been here?

Ok, maybe not...but it's fun to realize that it's ok...don't take life too seriously, just have fun - nobody gets out of here alive...and if you're ok with the possibility that you might get hurt, jump right on in. Getting hurt is just a reminder that you're human and you have emotions...

Ah, the 90s...they begin tomorrow! :-)

Video From Day 13: Mike Roste ~ Wait Away

In response to my earlier post today - here's an indie artist I promote every chance I get!

Day 13: I actually wanted to post "Little Miss Sunshine" my Michael Amirault today, but it's not on YouTube. This one is a pretty sweet song in itself!

Update: Yeah, fabuluos good song! And not JUST because I once shared a school bus route with this artist... He describes himself as a more country version of Jack Johnson. i wouldn't argue with him. For "country," he's pretty good. ;-)
Still looking for stocking stuffers - think about getting his cd for anybody who likes their country, but wants to try something a little bit different too... I think different is always a good choice!

Video From Day Six: Will.I.Am ~ "I Like to Move It"

For those of you, who may be "physically rooooouuuund," this song is for you!

Day Six: I like to move it, move it! I like to move it! And dancing to this first thing in the morning is the best!

Update: Dancing to this anytime in the day is fantastic! :-D

Day 89: Love It When You Call ~ The Feeling

This is a catchy tune, and a cute video to go with it!

Yeah, ok, so maybe I like a lot of 'pop' music, but not extremely popular 'pop' music. Does that make it better? I really am one of those hipster wanna-be's who likes a band more because they are indie than because they are good artists...

No, I just like some random 'pop' music. I can appreciate what's out there in the mainstream and even tap my foot along to it. What I aim to do, though, is bring indie artists who are good a little bit closer to the mainstream by showing their music to you, the listener. I hope you enjoy it!

December 13, 2010

Video From Day 27(1): Royal Wood ~ On Top Of Your Love

Day 27: If ever given the chance, you must see this man live! The song captures his energy well, but nothing beats a live show!!!

Update: Yeah, now that I know Royal, I can't stop hearing about him...and hearing him. Amazing Amazing Canadian Artist! Still looking for the perfect gift for somebody - this is it!!!

Video From Day 27(2): Meaghan Smith ~ If You Asked Me

This was the second video I posted on Day 28. It's still brilliant!

Day 27: I love the serendipity of finding new music...although I'm pretty sure I've heard Meaghan Smith before. This is how the serendipity of this new discovery happened: A year and a half ago, I went to Jeremy Fisher, and heard Hannah Georgas. I went to see Hannah, and I fell for Royal Wood. I began watching video mixes of Royal done by YouTube, and came across Meaghan Smith. Then, I found this tune...and it's just too good not to share with you tonight, rather than waiting for tomorrow's song...

Update: Now, when I find a song I want to share, I schedule it's release at a future time and date. You would think that would make it easier to find the perfect song for every day...

Video From Day 34: Mason Jennings ~ Jackson Square

I posted this on the day we were all supposed to wear purple to remember everybody who had died as a result of being bullied for their sexuality. This was back in a time (54 days ago) when I didn't care about finding the perfect video. There is no video, really, but some very good audio, which is often the best choice. I hope you enjoy the song!

Day Thirty-Four: Thank you for everybody who wore purple today! It's a good cause - the first real cause I won a battle over! Sometimes you don't have to do a lot to make a difference. In my case, it was a simple question posed to an influential figure. Whether you wore purple today or not, remember that it doesn't matter the size of your action, as long as it matches your convictions.
Also, I love Mason Jennings! This is definitely the first song of his I should post...but why has it taken me 34 days to post it? Well, I don't know everything...

Update: I still love Jackson Square :-)

The Breaking Heart: Regina Spektor ~ Fidelity

This video is truly incredible and worth watching. If the video isn't working here, go here:

Our heart (the metaphorical one rather than the physical one) is the most precious thing we will ever break...

Once broken, we understand just how precious it is, and we protect it that much more. Sometimes, though, we won't even let it get broken...

A coworker described it this way to me this week: I have this heart, surrounded by a layer of ice. Around that ice is a brick wall. And that brick wall is covered with titanium ... so it'll take a lot for anybody to get through that.

Following the same metaphor, I'd say I unlocked my titanium casing this spring, which is the best thing I've done all year. The brick wall has come down too...and the ice began to melt... It's okay, though, because I learned a lot about myself through the whole process. And, as I was working on building up that brick wall, I decided to stop. It's okay, right? If you keep your heart on ice, you'll still be safe...

I think many people have gone through this song. Many others hope to one day go through this song. And there is even more people who are living in the black and white world and still having fun. One day, maybe, we'll allow the colour back in...but we have to appreciate the gray scale first.

December 12, 2010

Hawksley Workman - We Will Still Need A Song

Now, HW looks much better in this video...

For the seventh and final day of the week of "H," I repeat with Mr. Hawksley Workman. Now, you know him, you love him...Enjoy this beauty of a song...and the video, too! ;-D

December 11, 2010

Sixth Day of H: The Hush Sound ~ Crawling Towards The Sun

I know, I know, Hannukah is over, but the H week continues - I started it too late!!!

I love bands who create their own record labels. It's about carving your own path in this world, to a certain degree... I really like that they chose "Fueled By Ramen." So true for a young band that appeal to young adults starting to chart their own way in this world too.

This is one of my favs of theirs. Enjoy!

December 10, 2010

Day 85: Hey Ocean! ~ Fifteen Words

"you give until you've given up and you are sure to find the perfect man"

This week, a friend of mine gave my advice in the form of a quote from the movie, Almost Famous. It goes as follows:

Penny Lane: I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriosuly, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.

This is a sweet melody. And I know few people who have not been in this situation. If you have, that's a good thing. If you've given until you've given up, you have the capacity for great love. That is, of course, as long as you don't give up too easily...

Also, I agree with the comment on the YouTube page: "Why is this band so underrated?" And so, they get two appearances on the week of H. I feel a little bit like a character from Sesame Street...

December 9, 2010

Video From Day 28: HoneyHoney ~ Thursday Night

This one is for all those students out there, tonight, studying and thinking seriously about life. It might be stressful right now, but don't take life too seriously!

Oh, yes, I nearly forgot! This is another H musician, but it's also a recap from a previous day:

Day 28: This is a funny song! Love it!
One more for randomly stumbling upon new artists!!!
And one more for's only appropriate for Thursday night ;-)

Video From Day Four: Danny Michel & The Camp Town Racers - Sweet Things

Oh, Danny Michel!

Day Four: This will be the best trip ever - saw Danny Michel first thing off the plane!!! So stoked! Already been a fabulous night! Thanks, ladies!

Expansion: Danny Michel was the first indie artist I saw live, and I fell in love with his life performance. Sadly, I did not fall for the recorded album of his that I bought wasn't the same.
Luckily, perspectives change. :-D And his sound has only improved. You know how some artists are fabulous on their first album, but then it slowly declines. I've had this conversation with another music snob before, but in regards to BNL (an old fav of mine). With BNL, though, their music declined because they had so much success, the music snob argued. Same thing with Death Cab For Cutie.

And that, my dear friend, is the beauty of slow success!

Danny Michel is well known throughout the indie scene, but he is very indie. Even my best music friend did the whole, "Danny who?" when I talked about him. So, without huge success in his beginning, he's only gotten better. Now, though, I think he's ready for people to appreciate all his hard work. So, if you're still looking for the perfect gift for the music lover on your holiday list this year, consider Danny's work. And, if you're still thinking about what you should get me, ... he's coming to Edmonton in 2011, and I would love to have tickets to his show! ;-)

Video From Day Three/Fifteen/Sixty-Nine: Jeremy Fisher - Fall For Anything perhaps this song needs no more exposure from me, but I love it! So you get to see the music video the SECOND time on my blog...and hear a small rant on it for the fourth time...

Day 3: I'm so tired of ignoring the's time for me to stand for myself above all else.

Day 15: Happy World Vegetarian Day!
This came on my shuffle yesterday, and I had one of those amazing experiences that happens when I listen to my personal favourites in public. The rest of the world disappeared for four and a half minutes, and I escaped into my own thought. This year marks seven years of vegetarian living for me...and every year, I stand just a little bit stronger for what I believe in...

Day 69: Last week, I met this girl through an indie radio station who referred to Jeremy Fisher as 'this guy, Jeremy Fisher.' At first, I was shocked. Did she really not know Jeremy Fisher? Everybody I had talked to about folk music had already known about him. In the end, she didn't like him, and I believe that was why she referred to him as 'this guy' rather than by his name. That made me sad, but, it's ok. Everybody gets to have their own favourite music. Jeremy Fisher is one of my many favourite artists.

This song was number two on Day 3, and the only one on Day 15. Now, on Day 69, I share the video on my blog. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy sharing him with you.

Update/Expansion: I really have started to listen to the universe and feel better about myself as a cheating vegan. I'm getting stoked about launching my vegan blog in January and even went back to the library to begin research on it too. Every week, I'm more productive, and less distracted, which is always my biggest problem. Well...that has nothing to do with Jeremy Fisher, but it is related to me changing the world, which is what this song inspires me to do! I hope it does the same for you, too! :-D

PS>> If you ever have the chance to see this man live, go for it!

Video From Day Three: Hawksley Workman ~ Jealous of Your Cigarette

Ok, this second video from the first fifty days does return us back to the week of H, but it goes back a long way - day 3!

Day Three: first song of the day ... I <3 Hawksley Workman!

Update/Expansion: There were two songs on this day. I'll repost the second right after this one. I feel like I was a bit harsh on Hawksley earlier this week, and I do want to apologise. I don't like the Striptease video, though, and it's fair to say that I can't like everything. This video, on the other hand, I do enjoy! I hope you do, too!

Video From Day Two: Coco Love Alcorn ~ Intellectual Boys

We Interrupt The Week of "H"s with a look back at some of my fav videos/songs from the First Fifty Days. I'll start with Coco...

Day Two: From the girl who brought you the song about the bicycle...I love Coco! So sad I missed her in Edmonton this spring!

Update/Expansion: Coco was in E-town the weekend that I moved into my apartment in Garneau. She was playing at the Myer Horowitz, so it would have been a quick trip to see her, but I think my friends and family who had volunteered their time to help me move might have been a bit upset if I had just left everything with them at 7. Such is being a responsible individual...ugh...
Coco was on tour while pregnant, which would have made for an interesting show! She'll probably be out for a few more months, or years - I'm not sure. When she starts touring again, though, def check her out! Until then, enjoy her music, and buy her cd - Joyful!

Hot Hot Heat - Bandages

You know, when I first heard Hot Hot Heat, I didn't care for that much. That was more my fault than theirs, as always happens when somebody doesn't appreciate an artist. Art is subjective, so don't hate the artist...just don't care for their artwork. Especially with these guys, as I just wasn't open to the punk-feel of their band when I first heard them. Now, I appreciate a good punk the Ramones...or this tune! :-D Back then, though, I didn't give them a fair chance. Tastes change. I love it when this song comes on my iPod...but I don't have any more of their songs anywhere that I listen to. Nor do I know much about this Canadian band, other than they are originally from Victoria but transplanted well into the Vancouver music scene just before I arrived there. Possibly, I wasn't ready for them then, but I am now...

Originally, I tried to post their video for Middle of Nowhere, but there was a posting problem. The video could not be available on my blog. Here's the link instead. I think it's a better video, but I like both songs equally. Enjoy!

If that doesn't work, copy and paste this into your browser:

December 8, 2010

Day 83: Hawksley Workman ~ Striptease

This song has great tempo - love it! It's one of my fav for working out.

I don't know how I feel about this video. Kinda cool that it's from Much Music, but I think that's also degraded my image of him as an artist. AND... NOT because I'm a hipster who only likes an artist until they've made it big. It's just, that, well, Hawksley kind of looks like a jerk as he's singing in the video. But, well,... with those lyrics, what was I expecting?

December 7, 2010

Hey Ocean! - Too Soon

"Men are in love with the person they pursue.
Women are in love with the relationship." ~ good advice I've decided to listen to, despite the gender assumptions/stereotypes

This song is interesting because it's a love song sung by a woman. I normally enjoy love songs sung by men (see above). It's neat, though...I heard it yesterday afternoon, and was reminded of feelings I have had in past relationships...I've definitely exhibited signs of the above stereotype before ;-)

Also, I love this video! Well, many aspects of it. I don't know about the representation of native characters in the dancing people of the background, but I don't want to go all Australian public on them... The light in the middle is amazing! And then, once you're completely hypnotized by it, the whole video fades to a darker version of itself. HEART!

December 6, 2010

Hannah Georgas - Bang Bang You're Dead!

Stumbling around on MySpace yesterday, I came across Miss Hannah's page. Upon that wonderful piece of the internet, I found the official video for this song! Somehow, just listening to the song I thought it was about a breakup...I'm so glad the video is not about a romantic breakup! Hannah's music is so much more than the romantic music - I love it! Only way it could be better is if she sang about a bicycle...she probably has at some point...and probably would if I suggested it. Actually, there is that new road song of hers...I'll have to double check that it's not about a bicycle...

December 5, 2010

Day 80: All In This Together ~ Ben Lee

Remember when this dude dated Claire Danes? It's a bit ridiculous that that is the fact of his life that I remember. But, then again, Claire Danes was a pretty big star in the early twenty-first century...and I was just coming into my own understanding of the world at that time. My understanding was that it mattered more who an artist dated than how good his music was... A lot of people still believe that...

Ben Lee's Catch My Disease is on my iPod, and a frequent volume-cranking tune on it's own accord. It's a good song, and video, for sure, but these are two of his lesser known songs.

The first reminds me how important it is to stay connected with people, whether through the social networks we have right now, or the old-fashioned face-to-face communications, like Christmas coffees :-)

The second is a hilarious video - oh, nineties television!

Apparently, Ben Lee was on Life Interrupted this fall. For anybody who watches the WB, I hope you enjoyed his musical talents on that show. I liked it when I watched it last season...but, sadly, haven't missed recent tv productions that much this fall, and haven't seen any of them either ;-)

This is something I never really thought about. Ben Lee is Australian! crazyness! He's taken loads of awards down there too...possibly why you don't hear him too much in North America...except on my iPod. I gotta say, I'm enjoying Aussie musicians too...Hope you do, too!

December 4, 2010

Colleen Brown Love You Baby--The Music Video

Another artist related to Miss Hannah! :-D

Same concert as David Vertessi (Day 77), second performer (last one before Hannah).

Colleen Brown is a local Edmonton artist. In fact, she even mentioned Vegreville that night - so I knew I had to love her!

This video is funny - in a cute way! It reminds me of Degrassi! Or something that would have been featured on a Degrassi episode from the late eighties / early nineties. I miss those shows...Degrassi was awesome!

Last night she played here in Edmonton at Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre. No, I did not see her again :-( I will definitely see her in the future sometime, though. I'm excited about it!


December 3, 2010

The Indie Queens Are Waiting - Dan Mangan

I set my expectations low and my hopes very high, and with the help of so many people, somehow, it always works out in between. ~ Dan Mangan

If you know Canadian music, you must know this west coast boy. Nah, sorry, with a WCMA under his belt, he is a West Coast MAN.

Myself, I heard him for the first time this summer, but i haven't stopped hearing about him since then!

This is a sweet song, and an amazing video. I hope you enjoy! And, if you like what you hear, put Dan Mangan's cd on your Wish List this holiday season. Definitely an artist to have in your collection!

Check out for more on Mr. Mangan!

Also, he's playing in Victoria tonight, and Tofino tomorrow night. ...ah, Tofino...

December 2, 2010

Dave Vertesi - Caroline! A Ghost! (Live)

Like a diary it’s not meant to be profound, just honest. – David Vertesi's MySpace page

I saw this young man open for Miss Hannah Georgas this spring. You all know how much I love Hannah! I just realized this week that he was a part of Hey Ocean! as well. You know what they say about Vancouver artists: Jodi sure loves them! :-D Almost, in fact, as much as I love prairie folksters :-)
Mr. Vertesi is playing at the Haven Social Club in Edmonton this evening, for anybody who’s able to make it. Sadly, I’ll be working! :-( But it makes me happy to know that the people of Edmonton will get to hear him this evening...and see him – he’s a hottie!

December 1, 2010

Bahamas - Lonely Loves

Another Canadian mint!

Award-winning, too!

This duo is playing at the Artery here in Edmonton on Friday ... I'm contemplating buying myself an early Christmas present and taking in their show, especially since the Artery is a cozy venue, and always quite reasonably priced :-)

Originally from T-dot, this small band is on a Canadian tour this fall. Check out their myspace page for tour dates:

I've never been to the Bahamas, but I think this song is how it would feel. Nice, mellow, and just a little bit of melancholy in the love song...Enjoy!

November 30, 2010

Day 75: "Fake Palindromes"- Andrew Bird

I know the best things of my life have been unplanned but today was not among those. Don't get me wrong, it was good, just not the best. Stumblin' upon this musician was better than today...

When I first saw Jeremy Fisher, he explained how the live recording worked, and the fact that he had picked it up from Danny Michel. When I last saw one of my friends from uni, she showed me this dude on TED Talks. He illustrated the live recording with approximatey fifteen different instruments - lovely! - but long. This is a shorter, but still sweet song of his. Enjoy!

November 29, 2010

Library Voices - Drinking Games

I love songs that gradually build on themselves, and this one is a great example of that beauty!

I first heard Library Voices - really HEARD them (on the radio) - last winter. I remember the moment exactly, which says a lot for the band. It wasn't until a month later, sorting through a bunch of music I had received from my music friend that I realized that I had actually had them on my computer for ten months already! I had no idea they were from Regina, though!

I'll admit it, too, that I appreciate music more based on where the band is from. Don't get me wrong, I think Library Voices is great even if they weren't from my home province, but because they're from Saskatchewan, I will discuss them more than if they were from Nevada, or some place else I've never lived and probably never will ;-)

I'm loyal. More to a place than even myself.

Another artist from Regina died last night, at the age of 84. (You'll be missed, Mr. Leslie Neilson, and surely, never forgotten.) It's only fitting, then, to welcome in a new generation from the squarest province of the best country to live. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

November 28, 2010

Martha Wainwright & Jason Bajada - See Emily Play

Martha Wainwright scares me sometimes. Not because she is threatening, but because she can capture melancholy so well. This song, though...not too melancholic... What a great first line!

November 26, 2010

Jill Barber Oh My My

Another Jill Barber song to the rescue!

This one is more reminiscent of the swinging sixties...and slavery-fighting field chants (Oh My My). There is a proper word for that...I jut can't think of right now. Please comment! I love the urgency with which her heart seeks freedom. It's a good video too...

November 25, 2010

Day 70: Kate Nash - Merry Happy

Bundled up under three layers, the beat begins to move me. The sound comes from the small white knobs tucked into my outer ear, covered by earmuffs, a toque, and a scarf. The movement begins in my fingers. I don't control them, the beat does. It continues to move up my arms, into my shoulders and before I know it, my hips are swaying and my feet hit the packed snow in time to the beat - the explosions of sound - hitting my ears.

This is why I love music!

November 24, 2010

Jeremy Fisher - Fall For Anything

Last week, I met this girl through an indie radio station who referred to Jeremy Fisher as 'this guy, Jeremy Fisher.' At first, I was shocked. Did she really not know Jeremy Fisher? Everybody I had talked to about folk music had already known about him. In the end, she didn't like him, and I believe that was why she referred to him as 'this guy' rather than by his name. That made me sad, but, it's ok. Everybody gets to have their own favourite music. Jeremy Fisher is one of my many favourite artists.

This song was number two on Day 3, and the only one on Day 15. Now, on Day 69, I share the video on my blog. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy sharing him with you.

Day 69: Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man

I'm just beginning my acquaintance(sp?) with Mumford and Sons. So far, I'm enjoying them...and they're gaining in popularity. Does this make me a hipster? No...a hipster would stop liking them once they started to gain more popularity...

Alas, there is some profanity in this song. Don't worry, it is meritted. And I generally avoid profanities. Sometimes, though, your emotions (including regret) necessitate stronger words.

Born to Hum by Erin McKeown

Five years ago, I was working at Chapters on Broadway and Granville. Oh...good ol' 789... One of the perks - aside from meeting so many awesome people and expanding my edumusicaton - was that I took home a few comp cds. One of those cds featured Erin McKeown. I fell in love! I logged into iTunes, bought her latest cd...and then lost those songs on a computer somewhere.

Towards the middle of June 2010, I began to think of this song. I hadn't heard it in years. And hadn't thought of her since I first heard Hannah Georgas. I asked my music friends if they knew her...none of them did! You know, that song, and I would hum a bit of it for them...even sing the opening line. Still, nobody knew who I was talking about. (Hannah didn't even know who this fine lady was. This shocked me, 'cause at the time I was still pretty sure Erin was from the Vancouver scene. She couldn't have disappeared from the scene in less than five years!?!)

Well, thank god for the internet! I discovered that Erin McKeown was not in fact Canadian (although, I would give her an honorary maple leaf if given the opportunity to meet her), but she's still pretty rad.

Tonight, I heard her from the source of our acquaintance: Chapters. No, not good ol' 789, but the one on Whyte. It just came on, just like that, and I had to smile inside. So, here's a favourite song of mine that I didn't chose to hear today, but did.

Check out her website:

Ah, and yes, I apologise for the live version...although, this one is not terribly bad. The video on YouTube with the recorded version was not applicable to my interpretation of the song....tisk, tisk, tisk....

November 22, 2010

Day 67: Taylor Swift ~ The Best Day

Another country tune...apparently I'm feeling country today!

This is a sweet song that randomly came on to my iPod a few weeks ago. Tonight, it randomly came on again. There are many love songs in this world, but this is a love song for parents. So sweet...

The Video From Day 21: Johnny Reid - Today I'm Gonna Try To Change The World

Although today is Day 67, the video from day 21 was never included on the blog, so I’ve decided to do so. As a friend of mine told me as she handed over yet another ‘self improvement’ book, “sometimes you just need to be reminded of the same thing over and over again.”
She is correct. I’m having an excellent last half to November, but I won’t deny that it’s often tough to go out on a limb and try something a little bit different. This same friend’s word of advice came to me on my most difficult day last week, though, and they really helped. Last month, she listened to my fears of quitting my day job and letting myself be guided more by the universe, and offered me up these pearls of wisdom: “talent is not always the difference between those artists who make it and the ones who don’t.” She’s so smart!
I was thinking about that today, as I replayed words I’ve heard from loved ones. “I just don’t want you to always take the difficult path.” Luckily, I never took that advice...
Yes, taking the path less travelled is more difficult than the more predictable one, but challenges are much more rewarding than an hourly wage...or salary and benefits. It’s tough now, but I now it will be worth it. And not even tomorrow, or next month. It’s gonna be tough for the next several years... but it will always be worth it...
As I begin to fret about the difficulties, I am also reminded of some of the rewards. For example:
I’ve been a vegetarian for seven years, now, and baked vegan for all seven years. This has often required alterations to many of our family’s favourite recipes. At first, my family, retired farmers, took it as a personal hit against our heritage that I would give up eating animals. Slowly, we have come to an understanding about this path that I have chosen to take, and shown enormous growth on both sides of the issue. This summer, my oldest sister (who had taken up cake decorating in the last couple of years) began looking up recipes for vegan cakes on the internet. It’s a small step, yes, but it means a lot to me. It means I may, in fact, one day change the world...

November 21, 2010

Hey Ocean ~ My Friends

Generally, I will continue to avoid posting live videos if I can find a recorded version of the song I want to share. This video is pretty awesome, though, so I am sharing it! Sound quality is amazing!

My Year In Lists - Day 65 (Nov. 20, 2010)

It's been nearly two years since I heard my first Los Campesinos! song, yet I feel I do not know them well enough. For example, I just discovered they are from Cardiff, which just so happens to be one of my favourite European cities (and quite possibly my top favourite city in the UK). Other than that, I know they're punk and a punk I love (ie. less screaming lyrics, more words flying past the ears, and a message you have to at least smile at, even if you don't quite understand it).

If your interest has been peaked, check out:

November 20, 2010

Local Western Canadian

Twelve hours late, but still posted for - Friday, November 19: Day 64

This is the first song from Ben Sures that I ever heard. Since then, he has randomaly entered my life, and is frequently featured on my iPod. To make things even more coincidental, I was just reading about a new trend for folk artists to do house concerts. That sounds like a cozy atmosphere for listening to any music that "makes people feel." Reading about Ben's upcoming shows, it turns out that he does house concerts himself! It was meant to be...

If that wasn't enough, it turns out that he, too, is from "Western Canada," rather than just one small town in one of our lovely provinces. Born in Regina (a fellow SK man!), he has moved throughout the prairies, calling the Peg home for many years, but even spent parts of his youth in Greece. The son of two artists, his career as a travelling musician makes a lot of sense. His songs are always entertaining - like this one that always makes me laugh - and would make me think of Canada even if I didn't know he was from my motherland.

To top it all off, I couldn't believe the truth within Ben's reflections on writing: "Sometimes I get letters from people saying if they didn't know better they could swear some of my songs were about their life and I like that. I like to make people feel. I wonder if any one actually writes songs or if we just pull them out of the air and then if they like us they stick around and get to be ours. When I go I hope somebody lets out a big old sigh of relief and says he sang what I needed to hear."

For more on Ben, check out his website:

November 18, 2010

The 63rd Day

I've been trying to focus on more unknowns this week, but this song came on my iPod and I had to have it for today.

It's amazing how far your emotional world can change in two weeks, let alone two months. Both of those time periods have significance today.

Rachael Yamagata has such a gentle voice, yet there is so much strength carried in the lyrics of this song. It's been one of my favourites for years, having carried me through Vancouver, England, back to the prairies, and it was probably even helpful in Meadow, if it is that old. I can't remember when I first heard her, I just know that she is like a long lost friend popping in for coffee and scones whenever I hear her song. Brilliant!

Sounds From Day 33

I feel bad for not having shared the sounds from the First Fifty Days. It was merely a list of what I had previously shared. So, this is not a music video, but the music is there.

If you like her, as I have for years, check out her website:

Tanya Davis ~ How To Be Alone

Tanya Davis' third album was released last week, and - as it happens with indie Canadian artists who rock - her single was featured on CJSR's Top 30 List this morning.  She is my artistic discovery for the day...and what a fabulous find!
This "song" borderlines on song.  There is music, but it is merely the background.  The song is spoken word, which often makes the best song anyways.  For those who love lyrics, I'm sure you'll love this poet.
If I could draw this song, it would be a sun dollar...luckily for us all, a fellow artist created this video to go along with the song.  Together, they have created a much better image than a sun dollar.  This is why collaboration is important.  But she's is also important to know how to be alone...

November 16, 2010

Jill Barber Chances

I first heard Jill Barber - live - at FolkFest 2009, but it could have been 1949. She has an old-time feel...and an amazing crooning voice. If Betty Boop were a sugary sweet blonde who sang for a room filled with people in love, she might be comparable to Ms. Jill Barber. But, no, wait... Jill Barber is true-blue Canadian...Betty Boop could never compare!

Oh, and did I mention that she has amazing fashion sense! Canadian designers ...

If you like Jill, check out her website: