September 7, 2011

Ingrid Michaelson ~ Maybe

It's time.

I'm going through everything I've gone through this year.

I'm cleaning out my mental closet, and donating those things I no longer need to good will.

With the subtle hints to and clinging onto my catalyst for the amazing journey I've had this year... well, this song is only fitting.

I don't believe it, though.  I'll admit, I think about that moment when we do meet on some city street somewhere.  His face ingrained in my mind, I'll have this vague feeling of familiarity with an otherwise stranger. And I doubt he'll recognize this beautiful soul he opened up for the world.

Perhaps that is a shame. Wouldn't life be better if we knew EXACTLY how we improved the lives of the people we touched?

But, in the end, knowing I'll have an affect on people doesn't inspire me to keep trying to do just that.  The best mystery of life is that we'll never actually know what we did or how we did it, but yet we always do change the course of life for so many people that we come across.  I enjoy the mystery and hope that it's always for the better...At least that's why I try to always leave with gratitude...and if not, look back on those devils as lessons learned...

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