April 29, 2011

The Feeling - Fill My Little World

This song is on my workout mix on my iPod...Why? I'm not quite sure. But I always increase my intensity when it comes on, so I'm not about to get rid of it. Sadly, this version of the song is cut off at the end, but you get the just. Definitely check out more of this band - they're absolutely lovely!

I love my job. I know I've mentioned that recently on here before, but today for other reasons. For some reason, it was a slow Friday - Thank Goodness as we were training. And, when it is slower, we have the chance to chat more...and discuss things like when you would be considered a real nasty individual for continuing to be in a relationship with somebody that you weren't crazy about. I feel like this song is appropriate for that discussion...and it was a good discussion. The jury's still out!

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