February 15, 2011

David May Feat. Max Urban ~ Facebook Love

I've been a cynic on love recently, both on this blog and on one of my other blogs. I've also embraced it and and its beauty - on Valentine's Day, of course. And, now, I'm tempted to laugh in its face:

This is a REAL song. I heard about this song over the satellite radio at work, not just as a spoof somewhere online. The artist isn't some boy in his basement, whining about some hot girl he saw online....well, the boy in the basement doesn't exist...

People actually enjoy listening to this song. Now, I like R&B, and certain parts of this song sound very good...but, seriously?!? There is a song out there about finding your love on Facebook. We really have become the "Social Network" society, haven't we?

Whatever happened to serendipity and meeting people in real life? I have seen it happen!  Like I tell all my besties: "don't worry about me finding love...it'll happen one day in the market. I'll just be reaching for some tomatoes..."

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