February 3, 2011

P!nk - F**kin' Perfect

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about reading "self help" books. She is currently finding them extremely helpful, as I have also found them in the past, and present. Within that conversation, we discussed the humility of "helping" one's self. I never had the chance to say it, but I do think we should change that genre from "self help" to "self improvement." In a sense, P!nk is right, we're already "perfect," but working on ourselves is part of being perfect, too.

Right now, I'm really trying to concentrate on just being happy being me. Of course, I have fifteen other projects on the go, but for me - my self - I am not listing the habits I want to change, the body parts I "hate," or even the character flaws I know exist. Instead, and for many years, I have been working on finding my strengths - the things about myself that I love - and flaunting them. As I venture down this Rabbit Hole, which somedays appears to be more like Narcissism than "Self Improvement," my strengths become even stronger, and my list is starting to include those areas that would have been on a "Weakness" List if I had ever wanted to create one of those despicable things. Me, I'm Perfect, Flaws and All!

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