February 27, 2011

Day 164: Meaghan Smith ~ It Snowed

I look out my window on a foggy-white world. If I look close enough, I realize it's not fog, but small snowflakes falling on a late February ground. Really, spring is still a month away, but many people are still confused by this white world we're forced to be a part of still.

Why can't we all embrace the wintry weather, as this song does, all winter long rather than just in November and December? Can't the romance of it all last more than that magical month of its novelty?

I can only ever speak for myself and my opinion of the world. So, I'll tell you that this is great! I'll take freshly fallen snow over muddy ice and thirty below weather any day! Would I take it over growing puddles, sunny skies and dripping roofs? Hmmmm....well, I'm just as excited for spring as you are ;-) but if it's gonna be cold, it better be snowing!

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