February 12, 2011

Diana Pops ~ Light My Cigarette

"Los Angeles is a city of orphans, all with something to prove, so many of which are the brightest stars of their former homes. We all come here to "make it", trading the security of our hometowns for the chance at a future where we can live our dreams on a daily basis. " ~ Diana Pops

Over the holidays, my mother shared a horoscope for 2011 with our family. I know that some people look at horoscopes as mere fun and games - and sometimes they are - but for me, I put more faith in them. They are not always accurate, but in the times when you really need to be encouraged, some part of the universe will provide you with what you deserve. Horoscopes have been my gift from the universe for many years, especially when I most needed to hear some encouraging.

According to the horoscope for 2011, this is the year when many people will find their success. I was talking to a musical friend the other day, and it seems like he's gonna make some progress on his dream this summer (more to come on that closer to the time, I'm sure). An old high school classmate will have her first album out this year (more to come on that as well). And as for me, this is a year of sea change for me and I'm pretty stoked for any success to come out of it, as it's already starting to.

The biggest steps I'm taking to reach that success is engaging with my creative soul. As I learn more and more about this Diana Pop, it is that search - a creative journey to find one's fate - that draws me to her melancholic tunes. She is not just music, she is art.  She's a painter, a remodeler, even a welder.  However she can create, she creates.  With her music, she creates emotions for her listeners.  Perhaps not always joyous ones, but the kind that soaks into your soul regardless.  In her writing, I know she is a positive person. She sees the silver lining in the grey-clouded days and this is what keeps her going...but the pain of life has inspired her to share her talent, luckily with the world.

"I dwell on moments and scenes instead of every day life and the bigger picture. Then I wonder why the world feels so small sometimes. I used to sit outside on windy days because it felt like the whole world was whirling around me, encapsulated in a single gust of north wind. Just like I used to think that love was actually encircled in a wedding ring.
I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine tonight. We were talking about relationships (as people our age are apt to do). He's always pushing me to be me. Unfortunately, I'm always looking for reaction and happenstance to tell me who I am. I think that mentality is a reaction in and of itself. I'm mourning the loss of my years as a little girl and indignant that theres not much of an interim between childhood and womanhood. I don't feel ready to sufficently embrace being an adult. I haven't figured myself out enough yet. How can I be myself if the version of myself that I know seems so unfit for an adult world?
How can I expect a man to love me when I'm too afraid to unveil the real me until I "have it all together" ?
No one ever has it all together. And now I'm talking in circles.
I guess the fact is, I will always daydream, hopelessly overanylize, read into nothing and everything, hope for the best, and sit outside on windy days." ~ Diana Pops, 5 March 2007

This is just her writing, though, emotions read rather than heard. To get a true sense of her passion, you must listen to her! Sadly, no videos to watch....yet. She has an EP coming out on Feb 22 on iTunes. Until then, listen to her on MySpace or Facebook.

It was only a month ago, after posting about Meiko, that I had a reader of this blog tell me about this young woman from Winnipeg. She's been chasing her lifelong dream for years now, and it looks like things are about to start happening rather quickly for her. As with most Canadian artists, she has my support in every way!  Good luck, Diana!

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