March 30, 2011

Anjulie - Boom

A productive day is always dreamed of, rarely attained... c'est ma vie!

Yesterday morning, my schedule was faced with a conondrum. Early morning shift, lunch date just before noon, personal training mid-afternoon and dinner with a friend I haven't seen in much too long to end it all off. And so, where was I going to fit in that work I actually want to be doing - the work that is supposed to be moving my soul further in this world - my writing?

Luckily, I have connections on Whyte... WIFI connections, that is! And like that, my sporadic day of running here and there was supported by my sitting in a bookstore cafe, typing away at my laptop, and listening to the random music trying to be sold by the bookstore. Trying? Hmmm, maybe not. When I talked with the person who chose the album, it was a random picking of an album that looked pretty. (Yes, we do judge books/cds/etc. by their covers! )So, once again, I have serendipitously found a new artist to love....who's also Canadian :-D

Check out her website:

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