March 11, 2011

Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69

When I think of Bryan Adams, I think of this song...and when I hear this song, I think of Bryan Adams, and what a wonderful person he is!

This song is definitely on my list for Top 100 Best Songs Ever. It's a pretty eclectic list, I must admit, but one filled with only MY favourite songs. This song is there not only because Bryan Adams is Canadian, but becuase my name is in the lyrics :-D

Five years after the release of this song, as Bryan Adams was beginning his ascent into the realm of wonderful Canadian celebrities, he also became vegan. Now, as far as his philanthropic work goes, animal rights is not his top priority and probably not even something you would have known about him before. Like many other people who enjoy giving back to the world, Bryan also thinks about the animals. His latest project involved writing letters to KFC Canada, on behalf of PETA. Now, he wasn't campaigning for them to stop serving chicken (give us another ten years before we break down that wall), but merely asking them to "become leaders in using more modern and more humane methods of killing chickens." Every little bit helps...

In non-animal philanthropic work, Bryan Adams has his own foundation. No wonder he has the Order of Canada! The proceeds from all of his photography goes to the Bryan Adams Foundation, which works to improve educational standards in Africa.

Need I go on about why I love Bryan Adams?
 - Canadian
 - musician
 - C-U-T-E (even for a man my father's age)
 - world traveller
 - philanthropist
 - vegan

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