March 3, 2011

Danny Michel - Beautiful

I interrupt this veg*n month for a brief Michel interlude:

The last time I saw Danny Michel live was at the Edmonton International Folk Music Festival in 2009. While waiting to get an autograph and my photo taken with this fabulous folk singer, I met another adoring fan.

Since Danny is a huge star, this was a huge line we had to wait in, so I talked with the other adoring fan. She explained to me in some sordid manner that when you take a picture with a great musician, it means you are married to them. Like most folk fans, she was obviously crazy, but in the way you can love, not the way that makes your skin crawl and your feet move an immediate two inches backwards. So, as another crazy folk fan, I followed her logic and went along with the photo marriage.

After I had my photo taken with Danny, I went back to the fan, patiently waiting as the next person in line. "I'm married to him, now!" I told her proudly, showing her the photo on my digital camera.

"Um, no," was her response. She went on to explain that, "when somebody else has their photo taken with the same star, your marriage to him becomes a divorce and that marriage is not forever. Soooooo, I'll be his wife next!"

Take what you will from crazy folk fans, I don't care. For all extensive purposes, Danny is my husband...and I'm going to see him live again.... tonight! Maybe we'll have another "wedding"...

1 comment:

  1. I decided against bringing my camera tonight. Probably for the best! It may be illegal to marry the same musician several times...

    After an evening of being serenaded by my husband, I must collapse, completely satisfied with the great day I have! Thank you, Danny Michel, for being a part of it...even if you are half-German ;-)