December 29, 2010

Video From Day 25: Brad Paisley ~ Welcome to the Future

Day 25: Ok...another country tune. But it's good!
First heard this song yesterday - sorry to those country fans out there for not hearing it earlier. For those who don't follow country, you should listne to Paisley. He has a lot to say in his songs, generally amusing, and not too bad to look at either. :-)

Update: It's interesting that this was posted on the 25th day of my 25th year. And then, today, I finally made my first definition of a quarter life crisis. Check out that rant:

The Writing of a Quarter Life Crisis: Defining The Quarter Life Crisis: "I've been working on this one for a little bit, so I apologize in the delay... I was at a party the other night, and I was asked what I do ..."

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