December 31, 2010

Top 25 (For 2010)

This has been on my mind for the last three weeks. Listening and reading numerous other "top ten" or "top twenty" lists for the last year, I felt I needed to do something like that as well. Every year, I personally do a "Top Five Things I'm Proud Of" list on NYE, and a "Top Five Things To Look Forward To" list on NYD. So, I thought five would be a good number for this as well....except that this year (16 September 2010 - 16 September 2011) is about 25, not 5. AND I had a lot more than five favs in music this year.

So, now that I had a number, what would the criteria be? Hmmm...that was a bit of a humdinger. I listen to such a mixture, that it couldn't be restricted to what was recorded in 2010. And a lot of my music carried over from previous years... But, I decided that if I was EVER going to restrict it to ONLY 25 songs, it would have to have had SIGNIFICANCE in 2010. So, here goes:

25) Ben Lee ~ I Love Pop Music

Lee's hit, "Catch My Disease" has been a favourite on my iPod for AT LEAST the last twelve months. Through this blog, though, I've discovered many more of his songs, and this is probably my FAVOURITE video of his.

24) Melissa McLelland

McLelland has been a fav artist of mine for more than just this year. The spring of 2010, however, was best captured by her music. This is a great video, too!

23) Alanna Clarke ~ Fine Line

Clarke has yet to appear on the blog, but she's pretty amazing! It feels liks, every year, I go to Edmonton Folk Music Festival and discover at least one new artist to LOVE. This year, the Alberta Charmer to fit that bill was Miss Clarke, here. I'm sure you'll hear more about her in 2011...

22) Twangtown Paramours ~ Lula

This year, I truly discovered CJSR. I had heard bits and pieces about this volunteer-run campus radio station previously, but this year I FINALLY moved close enough to the campus to be able to listen to the radio station on my radio. If you don't live close enough, you can still listen on (link? ) Since I live so close - and because I love to do so - I began volunteering with the radio station. As such, I have access to the "Treasure Chest," where I discovered this cute little country group. You're bound to hear more of them in 2011, as well...

21) Shad ~ Rose Garden

I have listened to CBC Radio - almost religiously - for eighteen months now, I'd say. Of course, I listened to Q even before that, but I REALLY started to listen to CBC this year, and discovered CBC Radio 2 this spring. Man, that has been one of the BEST MOMENTS of this year. You might find that ridiculously (especially since CJSR was a BEST MOMENT above), but it's rare to find a radio station that "gets" you, you know. As the year progressed, I've found more people who "get" CBC Radio, and this just makes me happy! :-D Shad was one of the many artists that I probably would NEVER have heard of were it not for CBC Radio 2. You're bound to hear more from him in 2011, too!

20) Mass Choir

I always like to see people I know. I especially like to see people I know succeeding with what they love! Mass Choir formed in March 2010, and I finally got to see them in December. They're loads of fun, as was their concert/Christmas Party. :-D

19) Chloe Albert

Just like Melissa McLelland, I have known this music for more than just this year, but she was good to listen to this year, too. Especially this song. So many times this summer, I would come home from work, turn on my stereo and relax to this sound....

18) Sara Bareilles ~ Bottle It Up

This year found me living closer to my favourite street in Edmonton - Whyte Ave. In fact, this year found me working there! Two doors down from the reason I moved to this new neighbourhood (work), is this great little music store. I went shopping in there with my sister this spring and she mentioned that she would like to play more piano, but that she's not inspired by the current music sheets available to her. So, for her Rock Star birthday, I got her one of OUR favourite artists' music, so that she can be more inspired to play the piano. Barielles always makes me think of my sister, and walking past that music store often reminds me of this story.

17) Feist ~ 1234

On days that I REALLY needed to be pumped up for work, I listened to Feist. Some days required more pumping up than others, and I hope that will be the case for 2011....although, I know I won't stop listening to Feist.

16) Jill Barber ~ Oh My My

What a sweetheart! Yes, I listened to far too much Jill Barber in 2010...thank goodness there is no such thing as TOO MUCH Jill Barber!

15) Coco Love Alcorn ~ I Gotta Bicycle

You're going to bike in the winter time? Say what!?! Yes, of course I'm going to cycle in the winter time. It sure beats the alternative, which is a definite lesson I got in 2010. Some people view owning a vehicle as a necessary step to maturing. For me, realizing that I don't want to own a vehicle, but that I can and should have my own transportation available for getting around the city has been an exercice in maturity. Here's to continuing to cycle through the rain, snow and sunshine of 2011!!!

Also, I would have seen Ms. Alcorn this spring, but I was moving that weekend! Luckily, she (like many other fabulous women this year) has had her baby and is inspired to go back into the recording studio...and maybe tour in 2011?!? Or am I being a tad bit too hopeful...

14) Katie Melua

This year, I learned how to fall in love. Music was a part of that journey, and may always remind me of this fall... Alas, even with a broken heart, I still love this lady.

13)Darren Hanlon ~ I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You

I don't even remember how I stumbled upon this artist...I should go back and read that blog post...
Regardless, he is AMAZING! As is this song. For that reason alone, I had to include it on this list.

12) Mumford & Sons

These guys have had a buzz around them this year, and somehow I picked up on that buzz. They're just a favourite band of mine from 2010. ... And this is a pretty good song from them, too...

11) Corb Lund

Oh, Corb... A year in my life (since I found his music) will never be complete without his country beats and downhome charm. He always makes me think of my sisters, my home town, and how it's okay to be're still an intelligent person ;-)

10) Hawksley Workman ~ Jealous of Your Cigarette

This song reminds me of an intersection in Mill Woods that I would come across every morning last winter. What?!? Cycling with your iPod on? I have NO IDEA what you're referring to...

9) Michael Buble ~ Haven't Met You Yet

Wow! A "love song for single people" is the best description I have heard of this song. Can it sum me up any more? Grocery store? Dancing with food? If only he found himself searching through the tomatoes, accidentally brushing his hand against somebody else's... If you know me personally, you've heard that love fantasy a THOUSAND times! Ah, well, it's made me think twice about what I wear to the grocery store a few times...

8) Andrew Bird @ TED Talks

I posted a song by Andrew Bird in 2010, but this is the first posting of his TED Talks presentation. This year, I discovered TED Talks, as well as Andrew Bird. One of my best friends introduced me to this video, and so it makes me think of her. This video reminds me of the night we shared in Saskatoon, catching up, complaining about life, and reconnecting. What a great night! The recording and looping that he does is not new for me in 2010, but it's still noteworthy.

7) Jeremy Fisher ~ Fall For Anything

From an early age, I identified as an activist. An activist for what was the question for the longest time. This year, I climbed deeper into the animal activist role, and will probably roost there for the rest of my life. This song reminds me - every time I hear it - that I can sit on the fence for many things, but I have to stand strong with what I really believe in...more to come in 2011 ;-)

6) Tanya Davis ~ How To Be Alone

At some point, we become comfortable enough with ourselves to be completely alone. FINALLY living on my own this year, I think I have hit that point. Based on the realization of what I said (years ago) would happen when I lived on my own, I think I have become comfortable enough with myself. That was the best gift I could ever have given myself. Now...will I ever be comfortable with silence?

5) Erin McKeown ~ Born To Hum

"Once in the spring of my 24th year..."
I had to include this song in a list of 2010's Best! Also, the re-discovery of McKeown brings a lot of perspective to me at this time. I had a conversation (and great revelation) about this in November - that we can meet somebody today, and perhaps tomorrow or perhaps three years, or fifteen years from now, they can impact our life immensely. Whether they offer us a more-satisfying job, provide us with a necessity at that given moment, or even just connect us with someboby that can help us in a similar manner as well, that person may be of importance to us in the future. It's fitting, then, to be reminded of that by a complete stranger the year my grandmother died. Her actions before my birth had that affect on my housing situation in the first place I rented. I've been ever aware of karma ever since. And, so, once in the spring of my 24th year, I grabbed hold of an opportunity presented to me by my boss, and it's lead me on an incredible journey of fate...

4) Royal Wood ~ On Top Of Your Love

Holy Smokes! Of all the artists I discovered this year, this one made me the most ecstatic. It was just one of those musical moments when I realized how much things built on one another. I was at the concert with one of my best friends, we ran into one of our mutual friends (who has been an amazing inpsiration to me this year) and for the entire concert, I was completely satisfied to be living in that moment EXACTLY!... See Below...

3) Danny Michel ~ Sweet Things

One of my fav artists, and a good lesson to have learned this year, even if I had heard it before 2010. While it is important to be working towards something in your life, that's not the only thing you should be worrying about. An important lesson this year has been to actually CHERISH the moments as they happen. I can't say that I've mastered it yet, but I do think I'm getting better at being grateful for the Sweet Things I have right now.

2) Yael Naim ~ New Soul

For the real video (that wouldn't upload onto the blog :-(), please check out:

It's been almost three years since I discovered this song and this artist, but it still impacted my life strongly this year. There are two things that you can count on in life: death; change. Both provide us with the opportunity to create something beautiful with what remains.

1) Hannah Georgas ~ Beat Stuff

If this blog had a theme song, this would be it! Alas, this blog has many songs and the only theme is randomness... But I still LOVE IT! I hope you do, and Keep Reading in 2011!

Happy New Year!!!

:-D For more on the artists mentioned above, select "Top 25 of 2010" from the Label List! :-D

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