January 2, 2011

Video From Day Five: Michael Bublé ~ Haven't Met You Yet With Lyrics

Ah....Buble...so good for a good love song...I LOVE you!

Day Five: I've had this song running through my head for the last few days. Love it! Love Mr. Buble! True Canadian Talent...

Update: Still love Mr. Buble...but kinda cynical about the whole "falling in love" thing. Well, no...not really... My old roommate is rolling her eyes now... Yeah, I will always be a romantic, no matter how many times my heart is broken on the way to not just dancing in a grocery store (already did that!) but to having confetti fall on me and people dance around me as I SING and dance in a grocery store...awn, makes my heart flip just thinking about it. I like falling in love... It's a nice concept...

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