January 3, 2011

Twangtown Paramours ~ The Ballad of Little Lula

Self-described as a combination between gospel, old country and blues, this duo makes a really good sound! They remind me of my roots - old country. The first time I heard their album in its entirety, I fell in love with their sound, and listen to it now when I need to hear a good old-fashioned country love tune. My favourite is "Simple and True."

From Nashville, these two met through a random acquaintance at a recording studio. They began dating, and eventually started to lend musical incite into each other's work. One thing led to another, and they've recorded a self-titled album together. Check out http://www.twangtownparamours.com/music/ for more information.

This song is a delight! Oh, Little Lula...

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  1. Hi Joda,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for telling folks about us! Please find us on facebook so that we can keep in touch.

    Many thanks,

    Mike and MaryBeth