January 16, 2011

Day 122: Michael Bublé ~ Hollywood

It's official...I've joined the 21st century. Proof of this exists in the realization that I learned of Buble's new single, Hollywood, through YouTube, NOT the radio...and I'm a radio fiend! Turns out, I'm also a YouTube junkie.... :-D

Other signs that I am a member of the 21st century:
- when I wake up, I turn on my laptop to find out what's going on around Facebook rather than sitting down to a cup of coffee and opening up one those large flimsy, rustling things that turn your fingers grey
- my spelling is getting worse with righting, rather then better...and I didn't own a fiscal dictionary :-(
- I cook 95% of what I eat (which does NOT make me a 21st century citizen), but had a mental breakdown when my microwave bit the dust (which does make me a member of this society)!
- I have no idea what my neighbours' names are, but I'm kept well-informed of my favourite celebrities bowel movements thanks to social media... =(
- I use emoticons in my writing to denote tongue-in-cheek comments rather than trusting the intelligence of my audience to catch my wittiness...

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