January 4, 2011

Video From Day 23: John Lennon ~ Imagine

Day 23: If we're going to take one day to remember this man, it should be today. My fav John Lennon song...need I say more?

Update: On Sunday, I watch Earth 2100, an ABC production that aired in 2009. The movie goes through the life of a woman born in 2009 until the next turn of the century, 2100. Throughout her life, experts from today explain how what is being imagined is likely to happen. Basically, if we continue to harm the Earth at the same rate as we were in 2009, the next Dark Age will strike within the next century. Having studied the rise and fall of empires only briefly, I have understood for some time that the current empire should fall shortly. I'm not sure that everything they imagined for Earth 2100 will come true, but it's possible. Frankly, I prefer the Imagine described in this song....

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