January 22, 2011

Jennifer O'Connor - Tonight We Ride

Yesterday, I brought you a song I loved when I was in Vancouver, and grew to no longer love.
(It's funny how time can allow our interest to wane in such a way.)
Today, I bring you an artist that I didn't care so much for while in Vancouver, but now I love!
(See how nicely I dodged a few negative words there. An example of a "negative word" I dodge well is "hate.")
How exactly did I come by Ms. Jennifer O'Connor's CD? I'm not quite positive about that. There are two possibilities, and both of them would mean I got the CD for free...which is something I always enjoy!
Option one is that I was given the CD from my work at the time - a large bookstore chain that shall from this day forward be named "The Book Store" - but this seems like the least likely possibility.
Option two is that the CD was handed to me by my editor at the Ubyssey, UBC's student newspaper, in hopes that I would, in turn, provide the newspaper with a review of it. Despite the lack of a review on this CD, written by me, appearing in the newspaper, this is the more plausible explanations of where the CD came from.
(The lack of review at that time stems comes from this fear I still have of saying something mean about somebody else. My mother taught me "if you don't have anything nice to say about somebody, don't say anything at all." While I have yet to overcome that fear, as previously mentioned, I am better at avoiding negative words now!)
Either way, O'Connor's CD has remained in my collection ever since. She has survived five moves for a reason. What that is, I'm not quite sure, but I do know that I now appreciate her music in a way that I was possibly not mature enough to appreciate at that time... It's nice to realize that there is a world of benefit in growing older...

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