January 30, 2011

Day 136: Jennifer O'Connor and my "Home Stretch" Song

Ok, I apologize for the live show aspect of this song, but I actually enjoy that in this video. There is some tuning and cutesie talking until about 0:51, and then she begins to introduce this song, which begins at about 1:31, and then it ends at about 4:30.

Remember my post about a week ago explaining how I used to not care too much for Jennifer O'Connor, but changed my mind about her this summer? Well, this is one of the songs that made me change my mind...

When I began running in the River Valley, I looked through the songs in my library for upbeat songs between two and three minutes long. This was one of them. As a beginner runner, I began training with intervals of walking 1 minute/running 2 minutes, working my way up slowly. (At my strongest point this summer, I was to run for a max of five minutes straight. Next summer, I hope to make it a full twenty minutes of running!) The plan was to change the music as I progressed, but I never did manage to do that. It became the routine, then, to hear this song always at the same point in the course of my run. I was always out of River Valley - at the very least - and either running west close to the Drive or south along the street my building is on. With this placement, this song has become my "home stretch" song. I can flip to it at any point when I need a second wind and get myself pumped for a good finish. I love it!

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